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Nigerian Journal of Technological Development

Performance Review of Selected Topology-Aware Routing Strategies for Clustering Sensor Networks

Authors: A.F. Salami, O.S. Zakariyya, S.A.Y. Amuda, B.O. Sadiq, A.A. Olaniyan

Journal: Nigerian Journal of Technological Development

In this paper, cluster-based routing (CBR) protocols for addressing issues pertinent to energy consumption, network lifespan, resource allocation and network coverage are reviewed. The paper presents an indepth  performance analysis and critical review of selected CBR algorithms. The study is domain-specific and simulation-based with emphasis on the tripartite trade-off between coverage, connectivity and lifespan. The rigorous statistical analysis of selected CBR schemes was also presented. Network simulation was conducted with Java-based Atarraya discrete-event simulation toolkit while statistical analysis was carried out using MATLAB. It was observed that the Periodic, Event-Driven and Query-Based Routing (PEQ) schemes performs better than Low-Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH), Threshold-Sensitive Energy-Efficient Sensor Network (TEEN) and Geographic Adaptive Fidelity (GAF) in terms of network lifespan, energy consumption and network throughput. Keywords : Wireless sensor network, Hierarchical topologies, Cluster-based routing, Statistical analysis, Network simulation