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Nigerian Journal of Technological Development

Tectono-Metamorphic Deformation and Structures of Mubi-Hong Area, NE, Nigeria

Authors: S.N. Yusuf, A.Y. Kuku, Y. Ibrahim, S. Kasidi

Journal: Nigerian Journal of Technological Development

The Mubi-Hong area constitutes part of the northeast basement complex of Nigeria and has experienced tectono-metamorphic deformation distinguished into D1, D2 and D3 events. The resultant effect is production of varied ductile and brittle structures (faults, folds, mineral stretching and foliation) which trends mostly in NNW-SSE direction, with other components NNE-SSW and NE-SW. Deformation and metamorphism in the area can be described as being progressive as indicated by the varied nature of synclinal-anticlinal folds. The tensile tectonism is also responsible for the structures and subsequent emplacement of large volumes of granitoids during Pan-African (600+150Ma). A Multi directional orientation of brittle, planar and linear structures in the area suggests that the area have undergone polyphase deformation similar to those in other parts of the Nigerian basement complex. Keywords : Tectono-metamorphic, Structures, Deformation, Ductile, Brittle, Basement complex.