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Nigerian Journal of Technological Development

Nigerian Journal of Technological Development

Geo-electrical exploration for groundwater within the premises of university of Ilorin teaching hospital, Ilorin, Kwara state, Nigeria

Comparative studies of traditional (non-energy integration) and energy integration of catalytic reforming unit using pinch analysis

Soil compaction caused by traffic frequency of rubber-tracked excavator


An investigation on the problem of thinning in fingerprint processing

Capacity analysis of wireless mesh networks

Evaluation of some engineering properties of lateritic soils around Dall quarry, Sango area, Ilorin, Nigeria

Impact of mechanical down tilt and height on the pilot coverage of UMTS networks

Field-based crop coefficients (Ke) for a maize crop under deficit irrigation scheduling

Natural convection mud type solar dryers for rural farmers

Genetic algorithm-based precision tuning of digital P-I-D controller for second-order systems

Components importance analysis of PLC networks for the power holding company of Nigeria

Estimation of penetration resistance and hydraulic conductivity of loamy soils in Akure south-western Nigeria for soil management practice

Recycling of polyurethane foams: A strategy in waste management and control

Development and preliminary testing of a parabolic trough solar water heater

An appraisal of safety of tractor-trailer braking system

Study of impact energy required for effective cracking of dried oil palm nuts

Maize yield response to residual soil moisture In inland valley of Minna, Nigeria

Production of glycerol from palm kernel oil

Design and construction of a reflux column distillation unit for bio-ethanol production from sugarcane substrate

Evaluation of a simulation model for predicting soil-water characteristics of selected agricultural fields

A Markov deterioration model for predicting recurrent maintenance of a network of roads: a case study of Niger state, Nigeria.

User activity dependent paging scheme in a multi-cell campus WLAN environment

Development of a mathematical model for managing magnitude and risk factors of injuries

Palm kernel shell as aggregate for light weight concrete

Generation of river discharge using water balance computer model: application to river Oyun, Kwara state, Nigeria.

Gap acceptance and driver behaviour at intersections in Minna, north central Nigeria.

Modelling safety factors of slope stability for open-pit mining of Nigerian tar-sand deposits

Development of storm hydrographs for three rivers within drainage network in Kwara state, Nigeria using Snyder's method

Effect of chemical remediation of crude-oil polluted agricultural land on soil properties and crop performance

Impact of waste water on irrigation water quality in Minna, Nigeria

Power performance under constant speed test with palm oil biodiesel and its blends with diesel

Development of a computer aided learning system for graphical analysis of continuous time control systems

Remuneration and Motivation of Teachers in Government Aided Secondary Schools in Mukono District

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