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NRIAG Journal of Astronomy and Geophysics

NRIAG Journal of Astronomy and Geophysics

The Egyptian geomagnetic reference field to the Epoch, 2010.0

Investigation of geomagnetic induced current at high latitude during the storm-time variation

Unusual ionospheric variations before the strong Auckland Islands, New Zealand earthquake of 30th September, 2007

Time verification of twilight begin and end at Matrouh of Egypt

Propagation of irregular magnetic pulsation using cross wavelet and maximum time energy methods

Time verification of twilight begin and end at Matrouh of Egypt

Photometric and astrometric study of open cluster FSR 814 (Koposov 36) using SDSS/2MASS/PPMXL/Gaia DR2

Texture analysis of aeromagnetic data for enhancing geologic features using co-occurrence matrices in Elallaqi area, South Eastern Desert of Egypt

Discrimination between landmine and mine-like targets using wavelets and spectral analysis

Utilization of airborne gamma ray spectrometric data for radioactive mineral exploration of G.Abu Had – G.Umm Qaraf area, South Eastern Desert, Egypt

Preliminary crustal deformation model deduced from GPS and earthquakes’ data at Abu-Dabbab area, Eastern Desert, Egypt

Geoelectrical exploration in the south Al Qantara Shark area for supplementary irrigation purposes – Sinai – Egypt

Relationships between electrical properties and petrography of El-Maghara sandstone formations, Egypt

Photometric and astrometric study of open cluster FSR 814 (Koposov 36) using SDSS/2MASS/PPMXL/Gaia DR2

Implementation of magnetic and gravity methods to delineate the subsurface structural features of the basement complex in central Sinai area, Egypt

Magnetization of three Nubia Sandstone formations from Central Western Desert of Egypt

A novel technique for an integrated optical wavelength demultiplexer

Site-specific shear wave velocity investigation for geotechnical engineering applications using seismic refraction and 2D multi-channel analysis of surface waves

The morphological study of spiral/lenticular galaxies in some pairs

Quarry blasts assessment and their environmental impacts on the nearby oil pipelines, southeast of Helwan City, Egypt

Geophysical exploration to estimate the surface conductivity of residual argillaceous bands in the groundwater repositories of coastal sediments of EOLGA, Nigeria

Tri-band small monopole antenna based on SRR units

Statistical study of some Lee galaxy groups

Optimization of MUSIC algorithm for angle of arrival estimation in wireless communications

Theoretical infrared continuum images for Be star disks

The photometric and geometric analysis of galaxy pair KPG 578

Application of multi-criteria decision analysis in prediction of groundwater resources potential: A case of Oke-Ana, Ilesa Area Southwestern, Nigeria

Final state predictions for J2 gravity perturbed motion of the Earth’s artificial satellites using Bispherical coordinates

Suggestion of a conventional Islamic calendar

Strong motion simulation at Abu Zenima city, Gulf of Suez, Egypt

Investigation of structural and electrical properties of ZnO varistor samples doped with different additives

Application of electrical resistivity for groundwater exploration in Wadi Rahaba, Shalateen, Egypt

Estimating the near-surface site response to mitigate earthquake disasters at the October 6th city, Egypt, using HVSR and seismic techniques

Seismological investigation of September 09 2016, North Korea underground nuclear test

Earthquakes focal mechanism and stress field pattern in the northeastern part of Egypt

Prospect evaluation of BED 3 and Sitra oilfields, Abu Gharadig Basin, North Western Desert, Egypt

Modeling of strong ground motion during the 1992 Cairo earthquake in the urban area northern Greater of Cairo, Egypt

Geophysical contribution to evaluate the subsurface structural setting using magnetic and geothermal data in El-Bahariya Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt

Detailed magnetic survey at Dahshour archeological sites Southwest Cairo, Egypt

Modeling sun’s radiation effect on restricted four bodies

Seulimeum segment characteristic indicated by 2-D resistivity imaging method

Simulation model of a new solar laser system of Fresnel lens according to real observed solar radiation data in Helwan of Egypt

Analytical study of pulsed laser irradiation on some materials used for photovoltaic cells on satellites

Application of gamma ray spectrometric measurements and VLF-EM data for tracing vein type uranium mineralization, El-Sela area, South Eastern Desert, Egypt

The signature of the 2011 Tohoku mega earthquake on the geomagnetic field measurements in Japan

1D and 3D inversion of VES data to outline a fresh water zone floating over saline water body at the northwestern coast of Egypt

Seismic data interpretation for hydrocarbon potential, for Safwa/Sabbar field, East Ghazalat onshore area, Abu Gharadig basin, Western Desert, Egypt

Overlap technique for fitting the range residuals of the SLR data

Integrated geoelectrical and hydrogeological studies on Wadi Qena, Egypt

High resolution sequence stratigraphic analysis of the Late Miocene Abu Madi Formation, Northern Nile Delta Basin

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