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OGIRISI: A New Journal of African Studies

OGIRISI: A New Journal of African Studies

Salt, history and culture in the western grasslands of Cameroon

Leadership styles in the management of Igbo cultural heritage in pre-European era

Verbal hygiene and ethnic politics in Nigeria: a study of selected newspaper print and online publications

Legalising same sex marriage and cloning: a need for ethical consideration

Boko Haram in northern Nigeria: a Maududian legacy

Corruption in Nigeria: a culture or retrogressive factor?

Interrogational torture as an abuse of human rights in the fight against terrorism in Nigeria: an ethical evaluation

What is in a nickname: Ghanaian nickname cultures

Safeguarding the Igbo language through teaching Igbo children in diaspora

Dramatic literature, digitisation and cultural mediatisation: a postmodernist perspective

Rivers and ports in transport history of Cameroon, 1916-1961

Hegel’s contributions to modern individualism and totalitarianism

Meaninglessness in language: the case of the Igbo language

Discourse techniques in African poetry

Tolerance in multi-religious society for national security: the Nigerian experience

Book Review: The Price

Contemporary African philosophy: emergent issues and challenges

Maliki Jurisprudence and Boko Haram ideology versus Nigerian nation building: need for pluralism in Islamic praxis

Speech act analysis of Igbo utterances in funeral rites

The development of kingship institution in Oru-Igbo up to 1991

Monarchical monstrosity in postcolonial literature: a reading of Femi Osofisan’s The Chattering and the Song and Yungba-Yungba and the Dance Contest

Customary right to befitting burial: a jurisprudential appraisal of four Nigerian cultures

Politics of the Ptolemaic dynasty

Robert Nozick’s entitlement theory of justice: a critique

Sourcing data in popular music research in Nigeria

Hopefulness in hopelessness: a hermeneutical application of Rom 4:18 to Nigerian situation

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun : a symbolic presentation of the British failed mission in Biafra

On the implications of development for moral education

The role of U.S. and her multinational private companies in the Nigeria-Biafra war: beyond the threshold of neutrality

Igbo and Chinese tonal systems: a comparative analysis

Nigerian cultural heritage: preservation, challenges and prospects

Theory and praxis of religious tolerance

Afro-Hispanics and self-identity: the gods to the rescue?

The philosophical concept of “Ubuntu” as dialogic ethic and the transformation of political community in Africa

True religion and nation building: a biblical perspective

Shades of African values and interests in Nigeria’s international relations: investigating the gains and the costs, 1960 – 2014

Time in Igbo cosmology: the ritual and its values

Christianity and Awka socio-religio-cultural identity crisis: Areas of conflict

A philosophical investigaton into African values: towards ameliorating the African predicament

Nigerian values and contemporary popular music: a new look

Exploration of the interface between English and African values in contemporary afro-western relations

Wealth and political influence in the expansion of Christian frontiers in contemporary Nigeria: the Clapham sect lesson

Reactivating Nigerian norms and values through religious studies for national transformation

English-Igbo glossary creation of palm oil production and processing terms

Costuming for African values: a reassessment of un-African ideals in Calabar carnival

Ọnọdụ ilu igbo n’iduuazị na abụ tony ubesie a họọrọ

Semiotics in indigenous dance performances: Ekeleke dance of Ekwe people of Nigeria as paradigm

African states and global challenges in democratic local governance: any lessons from the European region?

Justification of the concept of time in Africa

Contemporary African philosophy, identity and the question of African languages

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