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Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology

Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology

Dietary analysis across breeding seasons of Eleonora’s Falcon Falco eleonorae on the western coast of Algeria

Impact of human activities on the reproduction of Hooded Vultures Necrosyrtes monachus in Burkina Faso

Home-range size and movement patterns of Hooded Vultures Necrosyrtes monachus in southern Africa

Minimum population size and distribution of Grey Crowned Cranes Balearica regulorum in Rwanda: an aerial and ground survey

Raptors breeding on weaver nests in trees and on man-made structures

Montane forest birds in winter: do they regularly move to lower altitudes? Observations from the Eastern Cape, South Africa

Book Review: Biologists in the Age of Totalitarianism: Personal Reminiscences of Ornithologists and Other Naturalists

Editorial: Best student research paper published in Ostrich 2018

Plumage colour variations in the Agapornis genus: a review

Age categories and corresponding gender characteristics of five Crested Francolin subspecies (genus Dendroperdix )

Status of globally threatened birds of Sapo National Park, Liberia

Densities and population sizes of raptors in Uganda’s conservation areas

Roosting requirements of Helmeted Guineafowl Numida meleagris on Highveld grain and livestock farms with alien tree groves, Gauteng province, South Africa

Microfilarial infections associated with body mass loss of Village Weavers Ploceus cucullatus

Food profile of Grey Wagtail Motacilla cinerea during an annual cycle in the Algerian Babors Mountains of North Africa

Birds of the arid zones: living life on the edge

Seabird breeding populations decrease along the arid coastline of South Africa’s Northern Cape province

Why defaecate on your doorstep? Investigating an unusual behaviour in Africa’s smallest falcon

The breeding ecology of Mallard Anas platyrhynchos at Lake Tonga, north-eastern Algeria

Effects of temporal factors, nesting microhabitat and nest position on the survival of passerine nests in a Tunisian oasis habitat§

Plumage development and moult in captive Black-bellied Sandgrouse Pterocles orientalis : age and sex variations

The presence of artificial water points structures an arid-zone avian community over small spatial scales

The energetic significance of communal roosting and insulated roost nests in a small arid-zone passerine

Modelling bird atlas reporting rate as a function of density in the southern Karoo, South Africa

Comparison of physiological responses to high temperatures in juvenile and adult Cape Rockjumpers Chaetops frenatus

The simultaneous moult of female hornbills is not triggered by the darkness of their nest cavity

Spatial distribution of male display sites in a North African population of Houbara Bustard Chlamydotis undulata undulata

Ostrich, Southern Ostrich or Common Ostrich? The ‘eternal vexed question’ of English bird names and name changes in southern Africa through eight editions of Roberts field guides, 1940–2016

Communal farmers of Namibia appreciate vultures and the ecosystem services they provide

Seasonality, habitat type and locality influenced bird assemblage structure in Nigeria

Feeding ecology of Lilian’s Lovebird Agapornis lilianae in Liwonde National Park, Malawi

Temporal changes in prey composition and biomass delivery to African Crowned Eagle nestlings in urban areas of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Hunting flight speeds of five southern African raptors

Carotenoid-based plumage pigmentation and concentration as a function of sex and habitat type in the Yellow-breasted Boubou Laniarius atroflavus

Hooded Vultures Necrosyrtes monachus nearly extirpated from Edo State, Nigeria: a report on the avian scavenger community

Urban bird trends in a rapidly growing tropical city

Longevity in some Malagasy rainforest passerines

Shoot the Messager? How the Secretarybird Sagittarius serpentarius got its names (mostly wrong)


Avian Cognition

Trends and themes in African ornithology

Nesting biology and food habits of the endangered Sakalava Rail Amaurornis olivieri in the Mandrozo Protected Area, western Madagascar

Madagascar Fish Eagle productivity in the Tsimembo-Manambolomaty Protected Area and surrounding habitat of western Madagascar

The continuing lack of ornithological research capacity in almost all of West Africa

Birds adopting weaver nests for breeding in Africa§

The wild bird trade and African parrots: past, present and future challenges§

How many can you catch? Factors influencing the occurrence of multi-prey loading in provisioning Greater Crested Terns

Missing the bigger picture: a response to Beale (2018)

Missing the bigger picture: reply to McKechnie and Amar (2018)

Book Review

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