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Old testament essays

Old testament essays

Preliminary Pages and Table of Contents

Editorial: “Be exalted, o God, above the Heavens!” (Psalm 108:6) - Studies in the Book of Psalms and its reception Presented to Phil J. Botha on his 65th birthday

Psalm 39 (LXX 38): A Retributive Psalm?

Psalm 41:14, or the Unity of the Masoretic Psalm 41

Storytelling in the Psalter? Chances and Limits of a Narrative Psalm Analysis – Shown Exemplarily in Psalm 64

The Ordered World of Psalm 92

“The Rivers Have Lifted up their Voice”: Imagining the Mighty Waters in Psalm 93

“I Love Yahweh and I Believe in Him - Therefore I Shall Proclaim His Name”: How Psalm 116 Integrated and Reinterpreted Its Constituent Parts

Making Sense of Psalm 127:3-5 in African / South African Contexts

The Psychology of Place Attachment and Psalm 128

Jewish and Christian Approaches to Suffering in the Reception of Psalm 137

Song(s) of Struggle: A Decolonial Reading of Psalm 137 in Light of South Africa’s Struggle Songs

Psalm 139: A Study in Ambiguity

The canonical shape of Psalms 1-14

La question du pauvre dans le premier psautier davidique, Psaumes 3-41, comme réponse à Proverbes 30,13-14

Darkness as an Anthropological Space. Perspectives Induced by Psalms 88 and 139 on the themes of Death, Life and the Presence of YHWH

„Asaph Meets Hosea“ Verbindungen zwischen Hosea-Schrift und Asaph-Psalmen, ausgehend von „Kriegsbogen“-Formulierungen

His Faithfulness is from Generation to Generation (Ps 100:5c): The Coherence of the Eleven Compositions Psalms 90-100

Reading Psalm 112 as a “Midrash” on Psalm 111

“Land” as a Topic in the Book of Psalms?

The East Syriac Psalm Headings in Manuscript 18>8dt1: Manchester, John Rylands Library, Rylands Syriac Manuscript 4

Authorship, Authority and Attribution: Children’s Bibles, David and Psalms

Restating the Psalter’s Perspectives on Divine Justice in Philosophical Terms

The Psalms’ Ancient Musicality, Later Musical Reception and Bono’s Psalmic Spirituality

Book Reviews / Boek Resensies

Preliminary pages and table of content


Psalm 32: A social-scientific investigation.

Changing One’s Tune: Re-reading the Structure of Psalm 132 as Complex Antiphony

“There he built an altar to the Lord” (Gen 12:8) City and Altar Building in Genesis

Who is my Brother? An ironic reading of Genesis 19:1-11

YHWH and Israel in terms of the Concept of Life in Deuteronomy

Strategies of Stranger Inclusion in the Narrative Traditions of Joshua–Judges: The Cases of Rahab’s household, the Kenites and the Gibeonites

Pitie et Non-violence dans 1S 24-26 : Cas de David Versus Saul et Nabal

Mordecai’s Royal Vestments: Princely and/or Priestly?

Letting Nebuchadnezzar Speak: The Purpose of the First-Person Narrative in Daniel 4

Ecological Hermeneutics and the Interpretation of Biblical Texts Yesterday, Today and Onwards: Critical Reflection and Assessment

Key Themes in Zechariah 1-8

The Pater Familias as a Landowner in the Context of the Slave Laws of the Pentateuch. A Brief Response to Esias E. Meyer

Editorial: Dedicated to Wilhelm (Willie) J. Wessels & Curriculum Vitae

Wee over Moab… Een exegese van Jeremia 48:1-10

“De-Centering Lamentations: A Crisis of Hope, of Memory, and of Continued Presence

The Chiastic Structure of Psalm 106

Decolonising Biblical Trauma Studies: The Metaphorical Name Shear-jashub in Isaiah 7:3ff Read Through a Postcolonial South African Perspective

Ezekiel, Prophet of the Spirit: רוח in the Book of Ezekiel

Loving the Neighbour and the Resident Alien in Leviticus 19 as Ethical Redefinition of Holiness

Isaiah’s Vision of Yahweh and Ethical Replication

The Hidden Wounds of Structural Violence: Exploring an Intersectional Understanding of Violence in Jeremiah 4-6

Trading Yahweh’s Word for a Price: Ethical Implications of the Collusion of Prophets and Priests in Micah 3:5–7, 11

To the Question of an Ethics of Bible Translation: Some Reflections in Relation to Septuagint Isaiah 6:1 and 19:25

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