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Review of Development Finance

Review of Development Finance

FDI inflows spillover effect implications on the Asian-Pacific's catching up process

Enhancing ICT for insurance in Africa

Does bank competition spur economic growth? Evidence from West African countries

An ethical barrier to Japanese funding of microfinance institutions in developing countries

Stock returns-inflation nexus in Africa during tranquil and crisis periods : new evidence

Flows to emerging market and developing economies – global liquidity and uncertainty versus country-specific pull factors

Wagner and the fading voracity effect : short vs. long-run effects in developing countries

Central bank independence and economic welfare in Africa : do institutional quality and levels of central bank independence matter?

Institutions, inward foreign direct investment, trade openness and credit level in emerging market economies

Determinants of the non-life insurance market in Brazil

On the linkages between Africa’s emerging equity markets and global markets : evidence from fractional integration and cointegration

Cash holdings and corporate governance : the effects of premium listing in Brazil

Time-varying transmission between oil and equities in the MENA region : new evidence from DCC-MIDAS analyses

Bank competition and regional integration : evidence from ASEAN nations

Determinants of credit risk in the banking system in Sub-Saharan Africa

Bank concentration, competition, and financial inclusion

Do small caps generate above average returns in the Brazilian stock market?

Financial development and intergenerational education mobility

Credit risk in microfinance industry : evidence from sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan African Eurobond yields : what really matters beyond global factors?

On the importance of Chinese investment in Africa

Political uncertainty and firm risk in China

Regulating capital flows in emerging markets : the IMF and the global financial crisis

Regional economic integration in Mercosur : the role of real and financial sectors

The exposure of microfinance institutions to financial risk

The impact of SMEs’ lending and credit guarantee on bank efficiency in South Korea

Examining evidence of ‘shift-contagion’ in African stock markets : a CoVaR-copula approach

Inflation forecasts’ performance in Latin America

The role of financial development in poverty reduction

Financial sector development in Africa - an overview: editorial

Access to finance and firm performance : evidence from African countries

Financing the growth of SMEs in Africa : what are the contraints to SME financing within ECOWAS?

Mobile financial services and financial inclusion : is it a boon for savings mobilization?

Sectoral linkages of financial services as channels of economic development - an input–output analysis of the Nigerian and Kenyan economies

Capital requirement, bank competition and stability in Africa

Credit risk determinants in Sub-Saharan banking systems : evidence from five countries and lessons learnt from Central East and South East European countries

Stock market development and integration in SADC (Southern African Development Community)

Does infrastructure really explain economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Information asymmetry and financial development dynamics in Africa

A new index for measuring SADC exchange control restrictiveness

Sovereign bonds in developing countries : drivers of issuance and spreads

Intra-industry momentum and product market competition around the world

Modeling Latin-American stock markets volatility : varying probabilities and mean reversion in a random level shift model

The determinants of financial inclusion in Africa

Banking sector globalization and bank performance : a comparative analysis of low income countries with emerging markets and advanced economies

Financial stress in emerging markets : patterns, real effects, and cross-country spillovers

Financial development and poverty reduction in developing countries : new evidence from banks and microfinance institutions

Does development finance pose an additional risk to monetary policy?

Stock return comovement and Korean business groups

Bank regulation and financial fragility in developing countries : does bank structure matter?

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