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Review of Southern African Studies

Review of Southern African Studies

Health-Care Waste Practices in Selected Health-Care Facilities in Maseru

Dood governance for quality service delivery: National University of Lesotho (NUL) under a microscope and challenges therefrom

HIV/AIDS related discrimination among females aged 15-24 in Lesotho

Poverty alleviation from the perspective of street vendors in Lesoth

Factors associated with risky sexual behaviour among adolescents in Lesotho.

Electoral management bodies as institutions of good governance: Focus on Lesotho Independent Electoral Commission

Proficiency in English as a second official language (ESOL) in Lesotho: a survey on views of examiners and moderators

Government without official opposition: The case of Lesotho 1993-1998

Which Way Lesotho? Some Reflections on the Political Geography Between Lesotho and South Africa.

Land scarcity, family relocation and settler – host community relations: The experience of relocated families in Machinga and Mangochi, Southern Malawi

Poverty, Gender and Education in Lesotho

Experiences and Opinions of Economically Active Women on Violence Against Women: The Case of Selected Areas of Work in Maseru

Income Support for the Elderly in Zimbabwe

African Gifts of the Spirit: Pentecostalism & the Rise of a Zimbabwean Transnational Religious Movement by David Maxwell (Ohio: Ohio University Press, 2006) – XI + 250 pp., ISBN 13:978-0-8124-1738-6, Paperback.

The Impact of Basotho Cultural Beliefs on Sustainable Crop Production in Lesotho

Asparagus Production and Sustainable Rural Livelihoods in Lesotho

Some Issues in Trade, Environment and Sustainable Development: The Case of African Agriculture

Analysis of Population Growth and Land Use in Pelaneng Bokong: Implications for Resource Management and Sustainable Agriculture

Reaching Swazi Nation Land Farmers: Challenges to the Credibility of Agricultural Extension in Swaziland

Tapping Indigenous Knowledge to Time Strategic De-worming Treatment of Livestock on Communal Grazing Lands in the East of Namibia

Agricultural Extension Ideologies and the Quest for A Sustainable Agriculture: Some Thoughts and Speculations

Book Review: "Changing Gender Relations in Southern Africa: Issues of Urban Life"

The Impact of The Second World War on Basotho Women: Agricultural Subsistence and the War Effort

Gender, Succession and Dynastic Politics: The Saga of Senate and her son Motšoene Molapo Moshoeshoe, 1858 - 1930

Status and Upward Mobility of Female Agricultural Professionals in Swaziland

Accessing Housing, Constraints and Coping Strategies by Female-headed Households in Masvingo, Zimbabwe

Gender and Sustainable Development in Lesotho: Some Critical Observations

Gender-typing, Performance and Achievement-related Behaviour in Mathematics by Secondary School Students in Lesotho

Gender and Household Resource Management in Lesotho

Women's Rights and Unesco's "Manifesto 2000: For A Culture of Peace and Non-violence"

Lesotho's Non-governmental Organisations: Competent Watch-dogs for Democracy?

Labour Migration and Duration of Breastfeeding in Lesotho

The Evolution of a Symbol: Mokorotlo and National Identity in Lesotho

Community Based Natural Resource Management in Zimbabwe: Opportunities and Constraints

Female Singlehood and Urban Space in Lesotho

The Scientist and the Construction of Scientific Knowledge: Aspects of Evidentiality in Negotiating Knowledge Claims in Scientific Research Articles

Land Tenure and Land Reform in Namibia.

Lesotho's Rural Development Policy: Objectives and Problems.

Land Alienation, Ownership Rights and Indigenous Power Relations in Swaziland.

Technology and Swazi Concept of Land Tenure Their Cultural and Financial Implications for Advancement in Swazi Agriculture, 1894-1932.

A Review of Growth Trends on Harvested Hectarage, Production and Yields of Major Crops Grown in the Ten Districts of Lesotho 1973/74 to 1991/92.

The Market for Commercial Farm Land in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa as a Means of Redistribution.

Land Spiritual Value: The Underlying Cause for Basotho's Objection to Resettlement.

The State and the Land Question in Botswana.

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