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Research Review of the Institute of African Studies

Research Review of the Institute of African Studies

Akan Proverbs and Aphorisms about Marriage

Historical and Cultural Context of Folk Opera Development in Ghana: Saka Acquaye’s “The Lost Fishermen” In Perspective

Modern Nigerian Art: Art Pricing and the Nigerian Economy, 1960 to 2008

Reforms in Katsina and the Kano Government Crisis of 1908

Turncoat Colonial Administration: The Gambian Experience

Socio-Economic Transformation in Ghana: Comparative Analysis of Approaches to Development in the Nkrumah and Rawlings Years

The Drivers of Brazil’s Expansion into Africa: A Critical Assessment

Gaining Community Access in Cross-Cultural Research: A Case of the Abutia Communities in Ghana

Commentary: Publishing African Studies in Africa: Reflections and Considerations

Book Review: Kröger, First Notes on Koma Culture

Recognition and Integration of Traditional Medicine in Ghana A Perspective

The Social and Reproductive Health Implications of Independent North-South Child Migration in Ghana

On the Interface of Orality and Literacy: The Case of Jacques Fame Ndongo’s "Espaces de Lumière"

The Bildungsroman in Cameroon Anglophone Literature: John Nkemngong Nkengasong’s Across The Mongolo and Margaret Afuh’s Born Before Her Time

An Investigation into the Influence of Modernity on the Traditional Pottery Industry of the Igbo of Southeastern Nigeria during the Colonial and Post-Colonial Eras

The Lunsi (Drummers) of Dagbon: Tradition and Change

The Conflict of the Epistemologies in Turgenev’s Russia and its Resonance with the African Intellectual Crisis

Rolling, Stitching and Sewing Jute Fibre: The ‘Line Walk’ Sculpture Project

The Performing Arts and the Post-Colonial Ghanaian Experience: The Ghana National Symphony Orchestra in Perspective

Sexuality of the Aged and People with Disability: Challenging Popular Folkways

The Contours of Poverty in Northern Ghana: Policy Implications for Combating Food Insecurity

The Influence of Tourism Activity on People’s Livelihoods in Selected Tourist Centres in Ogun State, Nigeria

‘A Man Of Great Foresight’: S. W. D. K. Gandah’s History Of Birifu Naa Gandah (CA. 1872−1950): Editor’s Introduction

Gandah-Yir: The House Of The Brave The Biography Of A Northern Ghanaian Chief (CA. 1872−1950)

Knowledge Transmission in Ghana – Alternative Perspectives

Political considerations in the choice of medium of instruction

Attitudes towards instruction in the local language – a case study of the perspectives of the ‘small stakeholder’

Adding value to the lecture in Ghanaian tertiary education institutions

Gendered experiences in teaching: an exploration into the participation and needs of female teachers in deprived rural areas of Ghana

Combating illiteracy with libraries: the Kathy Knowles example

Training and teaching of museum professionals in Ghana

The challenges of theological education in Ghana

Power and protest: priesthood among the Fante-Akan

Beyond equity and equality: voices of fear about gender advocacy in Ghana

Becoming an adult; the training of children in Ghana

Towards An African Theory Of Democracy

The Political Economy Of Pro-Poor Development: The Case Of Ghana’s Poverty Reduction Strategies

Rhymes in Buli Proverbs, Songs and Poems

The Lighter Side of Marriage: Skin Bleaching in Post-Colonial Ghana

Disaster Incidence and Management in Nigeria

Raids and Refuge: The Bulsa in Babatu’s Slave Wars

Contested Royalty: Eligibility and Chieftaincy Succession Disputes in Wungu, Northern Ghana

Work in Progress: The Bamaya Dance Suite, a Tale of Dagbamba

Politicization, Elite Manipulation, or Institutional Weaknesses? The Search for Alternative Explanations to the Dagbon Chieftaincy Disputes in Northern Ghana

Disgrace, Displacement and Reparation in J.M Coetzee\'s Disgrace

Traditional Menstrual Practices: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Gender Implications for Adolescent Girls

Child Labour, Education, Participation and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Empirical Study

Confronting the History of Slavery and Colonization in the Poetry of M. Al-Fayturi and Langston Hughes

The Rise and Fall of Nugormesese in a West African Community:Issues in Institution Building and Social Capital Viability in Africa

Instrumentation as a Stylistic Determinant in Nigerian Gospel Music

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