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Southern African Business Review

Assessment of financial conditions of South African municipalities: a unique model for KwaZulu-Natal

The sectoral employment intensity of growth in South Africa

Trends in integrated reporting: a state-owned company analysis

Ageing in a modern era: evidence from South African resort spa visitors

The Phillips Curve revisited: implications of an urban legend for economics teaching in South Africa

The influence of selected marketing and branding practices on the financial performance of family SMEs

Exploring psychological career mechanisms for enhancing employees’ self-efficacious career adaptability

Conduct risk in South African Banks: aligning regulatory compliance with business sustainability

The interdependence of risk management, corporate governance and management accounting

An exploratory study on the gender-based differences in entrepreneurial intention and its antecedents amongst students of a South African University of Technology

The decarbonisation of transport logistics: a South African case study

Saving for tomorrow: does the level of financial literacy in the South African working class matter?

The influence of shopping characteristics and socio- demographic factors on selected in-store buying practices in different socio-economic regions

Modelling and forecasting Zimbabwe’s tourist arrivals using time series method: a case study of Victoria Falls rainforest

Forcing the few: Issues from the South African Reserve Bank’s legal action against its delinquent shareholders

Inflation and unemployment in South Africa: Is the Phillips curve still dead?

“Clean hands” – Is this or a similar concept used by the courts to determine a taxpayer’s right to just administrative action?

The relationship between a black economic empowerment score and shareholder returns in Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed companies

Pre-packaged applications in business reorganisations: International principles

Assessing the impact of Solvency Assessment and Management on risk management in South African insurance companies

Bank concentration, country income and fi nancial development in SADC

Positive consequences of intrinsically rewarding work: A model to motivate, engage and retain non-profi t employees

Development support for small and medium enterprises in the fi nancially constrained north-eastern regions of Namibia

Striking a balance between types of organisational citizenship behaviour

The application of analytical procedures in the audit process: A South African perspective

Evaluating competition in the loan and deposit market using the Boone indicator approach

Experience composite worth: A combination of experience quality and experience value

Predictive analytics for supply chain collaboration, risk management and financial performance in small to medium enterprises

Informal employment in South Africa: Still missing pieces in the vulnerability puzzle

Maintaining cold chain integrity: Temperature breaks within fruit reefer containers in the Cape Town Container Terminal

Organisational citizenship behaviour among railway employees in a developing country: effects of age, education and tenure

Microcredit supply under Islamic Banking in Khartoum State, Sudan

Supplier selection problem: A fuzzy multicriteria approach

Supply chain security orientation in the pharmaceutical industry

The effects of extended water supply disruptions on the operations of SMEs

Mxit advertising’s influence on cognitive attitudes amongst Millennials in the Western Cape

Personality dimensions and service failure severity: A cross-sectional study in the cellular industry

Customer satisfaction and complaint behaviour: The case of small custom-made clothing businesses

Determinants of enhanced risk disclosure of JSE Top 40 Companies: the board risk committee composition, frequency of meetings and the chief risk officer

Financial insight and behaviour of household consumers in Port Elizabeth

Interrogating antecedents to SME supplier performance in a developing country

Supply chain risks and smallholder fresh produce farmers in the Gauteng province of South Africa

Entrepreneurial intentions amongst Master of Business students in effi ciency-driven economies: South Africa and Poland

The dining and tipping behaviour of Black South Africans: a segmentation approach

Does entrepreneurship education matter for the enhancement of entrepreneurial intention?

The role of financial literacy and advice in fi nancial decision making

A transformational leadership model for managing change and transformation linked to diversifi cation investments

Work-life balance, job satisfaction and turnover intention amongst information technology employees

A re-examination of the exchange rate overshooting hypothesis: Evidence from Zambia

Factors driving the location investment decision of South African MNEs: Senior executives’ perceptions

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