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SA Crime Quarterly

SA Crime Quarterly

Drugged driving in South Africa: An urgent need for review and reform

Promises (and lies)? Elections, commissions of inquiry and the state of criminal justice in 2019.

Democracy and its discontents: Protest from a police perspective

Extradition in the absence of state agreements: Provisions in international treaties on extradition

Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard

Editorial: Hard questions, big challenges

Shot while surrendering: Strikers describe Marikana Scene 2

A missing link in the Traditional Courts Bill 2017: Evidence obtained through human rights violations

Is crime getting increasingly violent? An assessment of the role of bank associated robbery in South Africa

In no certain terms: the court’s inconsistent approach to the role of sexual grooming when sentencing cases of the rape of children under 16.

Annelise Burgess: Heist! South Africa's Cash in Transit epidemic uncovered.

On the Record: Nicolette Naylor & Sibongile Ndashe

Editorial: Governance and justice - Southern edition

Policing for impact: Is South Africa ready for Evidence-Based Policing?

Modest beginnings, high hopes: The Western Cape Police Ombudsman

Unpacking Discontent: Where and why protest happens in South Africa

The Third time a charm? Traditional Courts Bill 2017

Ncedo Ntsasa Mngqibisa and Guy Lamb

Book Review: Andrew Faull and Sindiso Mnisi Weeks

Editorial: Change, Continuity, Challenges

Mass killings and calculated measures: The impact of police massacres on police reform in South Africa

Learning from contemporary examples in Africa: Referral mechanisms for restorative justice in Tanzania

Frequency and turmoil: South Africa's community protests 2005-2017

Testing the judiciary's appetite to reimagine protest law: A case note on the SJC10 case

Nick Simpson and Vivienne Mentor-Lalu

Editorial: Decolonising the South African Prison

Rationalizing injustice: The reinforcement of legal hegemony in South Africa

Possibly unconstitutional? The insistence on verification of addresses in bail hearings

Decolonising prisons in South Africa: The need for effective bail affordability inquiries

The Lindela Repatriation Centre, 1996–2014: Applying theory to the practice of human rights violations

On the record with Judge Jody Kollapen

Is social cohesion relevant to a city in the global south? A case study of Khayelitsha

Comfortably cosmopolitan? How patterns of 'social cohesion' vary with crime and fear

Pulling us apart? The association between fear of crime and social cohesion in South Africa

Facilitating or hindering social cohesion? The impact of the Community Work Programme in selected South African townships

Is social cohesion relevant to a city in the global south? A case study of Khayelitsha township

Pervasive, but not politicised: everyday violence, local rule and party popularity in a township in Cape Town

To be a somebody: Probing roots of community in District Six

Making sense of the duality of social cohesion

Inquiries into commissions of inquiry into police

Making further inquiries: Policing in context in Brixton and Khayelitsha

'Unconscionable and irrational': SAPS human resource allocation

Mapping Khayelitsha: The complexities of everyday policing in a high crime area

Avoiding another Marikana massacre: Why police leadership matters

Leading a horse to water...: Assessing review mechanisms of SAPS performance

Interview with Judge Kate O'Regan

Resolution delayed

Databases for stolen art: Progress, prospects and limitations

A survey of car guards in Tshwane: Implications for private security policy and practice

Preventing crime and violence through work and wages: The impact of the CommunityWork Programme

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