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Southern African Humanities

The Tswana’s antiquarian: the life and work of state ethnologist Paul-Lenert Breutz (1912–1999)

Late Holocene fauna from Moshebi’s Shelter, a Later Stone Age site in Lesotho

The Last Hurrah: Thomas Baines and the expedition to the coronation of Cetshwayo kaMpande, Zululand, 1873

Mapungubwe’s hinterland: excavations, ceramics and other material culture from Mutamba in the Soutpansberg

Four Iron Age women from KwaZulu-Natal: physical anthropology, genetics and archaeological context

A revised chronology for the Zhizo and Leokwe horizons at Schroda

The archaeological context of recent archaeomagnetic research in Zimbabwe

After the silt: middle and late Holocene hunter-gatherer archaeology of the Metolong Dam, Lesotho

Looking beneath the surface: Later Stone Age remains at Klipgats Pan, Bushmanland, South Africa

Thoughts on ‘thinking strings’

‘Zulu’ wooden vessels: the archive and the history of a genre

Nkandla style: Zulu izinkamba beer pots with a distinct, local decorative mode

The praying mantis in Namibian folklore

“Painted buffalo horns”: imagery from the South African War

Between the body and the ancestors: expressions of religious thought in the clothing of Zulu-speaking women in the Nongoma region of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

New finds of engraved whole ostrich eggs from southern Namibia and the Northern Cape Province of South Africa

Middle Stone Age wood use 58 000 years ago in KwaZulu-Natal: charcoal analysis from two Sibudu occupation layers

Clay sources and contemporary potters in southeastern Botswana

The Modernist trading store in KwaZulu-Natal as evocative material culture

Crossing the chest: bandoliers with and without bullets in imaging the 'Zulu'

McAll's Cave: characterising the rock art of the Groot Winterhoek Mountains, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

Origins of Mapungubwe Project: test excavations at Den Staat 14B and 14C

“Only fatness will bring rain”: agriculturist rainmaking and hunter-gatherers

Counting and miscounting sheep: genetic evidence for pervasive misclassification of wild fauna as domestic stock

Test excavations at Genadendal Dam and Wonderboom, Madikwe Reserve, South Africa

"From the lips of the Bushmen": unpublished |xam San comments on Stow's South African rock art copies

Changing meanings: the Ghanaian memorial stool of the KwaZulu-Natal Museum

Site-formation processes at Elands Bay Cave, South Africa

Ancient metallurgy in the Tswapong Hills, Botswana: a preliminary report on archaeological context

Test excavations at Liz 197: a K2-period homestead in the Limpopo Valley, South Africa

Three arcs: observations on the archaeology of the Elands Bay and northern Cederberg landscapes

Elands Bay Cave: keeping an eye on the past

Update on the 2011 excavation at Elands Bay Cave (South Africa) and the Verlorenvlei Stone Age

Chronology of the Pleistocene deposits at Elands Bay Cave (South Africa) based on charcoals, burnt lithics, and sedimentary quartz and feldspar grains

The ‘MSA 1’ of Elands Bay Cave (South Africa) in the context of the southern African Early MSA technologies

A shape to the microlithic Robberg from Elands Bay Cave (South Africa)

The wood charcoal evidence from renewed excavations at Elands Bay Cave, South Africa

Large mammal and tortoise bones from Elands Bay Cave (South Africa): implications for Later Stone Age environment and ecology

Holocene hunter-gatherers and adhesive manufacture in the West Coast of South Africa

Visual narratives of the Anglo-Zulu war: cattle horns engraved by an unknown African artist

Osteomorphology and osteometry versus aDNA in taxonomic identification of fragmentary sheep and sheep/goat bones from archaeological deposits: Blydefontein Shelter, Karoo, South Africa

The quest for evidence of domestic stock at Blydefontein Rock Shelter

A tale of two Tswana towns: in quest of Tswenyane and the twin capital of the Hurutshe in the Marico

The management of heritage resources in the Maloti-Drakensberg Park, Lesotho-South Africa: reflecting on the benefits of World Heritage status

Rain's things and girls' rain: marriage, potency and frog symbolism in /Xam and Ju/'hoan ethnography

Fat-tailed sheep and thin-walled pots: contextualising rock art and pre-agriculturist pottery within the last 3000 years in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Zulu pottery technology and group identity in the Phongolo Basin, South Africa

Southern African arrow poison recipes, their ingredients and implications for Stone Age archaeology

Molecular identification of sheep at Blydefontein Rock Shelter, South Africa

Pointed bone tool technology in southern Africa: results of use-trace analyses

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