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South African Health Review

South African Health Review

Expanding breast cancer care through partnerships and innovation : experience from a South African public hospital: review

Developing quality standards 10 for hypertensive disorders in pregnancy at primary care level in South Africa: review

Understanding barriers to HIV testing and treatment : a study of young men and healthcare providers in KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga: review

A landscape analysis of preterm birth in South Africa : systemic gaps and solutions: review

Improving the early development of children through quality health care: review

Achieving universal health coverage for adolescents in South Africa : health sector progress and imperatives: review

Understanding HIV prevention in high-risk adolescent girls and young women in two South African provinces: review

Population ageing in South Africa : trends, impact, and challenges for the health sector: review

Clinical associates in South Africa : optimising their contribution to the health system: review

My experiences in health science education and research : a community worker’s autoethnographic account: healthcare workers' writing programme

Health and related indicators : interrogating the UHC service coverage index: review

Health legislation and policy: review

How can we best achieve a universal health system : a public conversation: review

National Health Insurance : vision, challenges, and potential solutions: review

Establishing the NHI Service Benefits Framework : lessons learnt and stakeholder engagement: review

Measuring National Health Insurance : towards Universal Health Coverage in South Africa: research

Achieving high-quality and accountable universal health coverage in South Africa : a synopsis of the Lancet National Commission Report: review

The Health Market Inquiry and its potential contribution to improving health systems functioning in South Africa: research

Optimising beneficiary choices : standardisation of medical scheme benefit options: review

Human resources for health and universal health coverage : progress, complexities and contestations: review

Human resources for health planning and National Health Insurance : the urgency and the opportunity: review

Strengthening the district health system through family physicians: review

20 Years of community service in South Africa: what have we learnt?: review

A rural scholarship model addressing the shortage of healthcare workers in rural areas: case study

Ward-based primary health care outreach teams in South Africa : developments, challenges and future directions: review

Factors influencing the motivation of community health workers in Vhembe district, Limpopo: case study

Transgender women outreach workers and their role in South Africa’s HIV response: review

Development of a national strategic framework for a high-quality health system in South Africa: review

Communicable diseases surveillance and outbreak investigation in South Africa: review

Towards universal health coverage for people living with mental illness in South Africa: review

The experience of nurses working in an acute mental health care unit in a Johannesburg hospital: case study

Assessment of food environments in obesity reduction: a tool for public health action: review

Status of South Africa’s National Health Research System : a 2018 update: review

Health information as a catalyst for community health system engagement: case study

Health and Related Indicators 2018: review

Twenty years of the South African Health Review

Health policy and legislation

Health spending at a time of low economic growth and fiscal constraint

Where from and where to for health technology assessment in South Africa? A legal and policy landscape analysis

South Africa’s National Drug Policy : 20 years and still going?

Development of the health system in the Western Cape : experiences since 1994

Breaking new ground : lessons learnt from the development of Stellenbosch University's Rural Clinical School

Addressing social determinants of health in South Africa : the journey continues

Towards a migration-aware health system in South Africa : a strategic opportunity to address health inequity

South Africa’s hospital sector : old divisions and new developments

The Ideal Clinic in South Africa : progress and challenges in implementation

Pharmacovigilance : a public health priority for South Africa

Eliminating mother-to-child transmission of HIV in South Africa, 2002–2016 : progress, challenges and the Last Mile Plan

Twenty years of the female condom programme in South Africa : past, present, and future

Drug-resistant tuberculosis in South Africa : history, progress and opportunities for achieving universal access to diagnosis and effective treatment

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