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Southern African Journal of Applied Language Studies

Southern African Journal of Applied Language Studies

Konjunksiemerkers in Afrikaanse tekste van niemoedertaal-studente: 'n eerste verkenning

Socio-pragmatic and cultural aspects of teaching English for academic purposes in Lesotho

Cross-cultural contrastive analysis of request directness levels

Anaphoric resolution during the reading of expository texts by undergraduate students

Coherence as a criterion for the assessment of written reports

An outcomes-based assessment framework for courses in English for educational development

The Distinction Between EFL and ESL and the EFL Bias in Language Teaching

Outcomes-Based Education Does Not Have to be Outcomes Driven: An Integrated Model for Lesson Planning in Outcomes-Based Education

The Role of Narrative in Developing Critical Language Awareness: Multiple Writings and Classroom Discourse

Reading Outcomes in English for Academic Purposes

Using Systemic Functional Grammar as a Vehicle for the Integrated Teaching of Language and Literature in a First-year University English Course

Acquisition of Modal Auxiliaries in English L2

A Bridging Engineering-English Communication Course

Functional Context/Outcomes-Based Literacy Assessment

Entering the Discourses of the University

Responding to Student Writing: the Students' Perspective

Inducting Researchers Through Oppositional (?) Discourse

The Myth of the Mother Tongue: Evidence from Maryvale College, Johannesburg

The Truth Commission: At the Crossroads of Discourse

Language Policy, South African Sign Language, and the Deaf: Social and Educational Implications

The LiCCA Project 1996–1999 (Languages in Contact and Conflict in Africa): A Linguistic Approach to Cultural Understanding

Come about Five-ish: Vagueness in Language

Economic Literacy: Understanding the Gap between Novice and Expert

Exploring the Possibilities of Using an Outcomes-based Approach in English Teacher Education

Cross-talk and Language Crossing: Indian English, Interactional Sociolinguistics and Late Modernity

Towards a writing curriculum: proficiency and politics in student academic writing

Computer conferencing and academic literacy: lessons from Sam's cafe

Using names in the classroom: elicitations of a novice English teacher

Code-switching among competent bilinguals: a case for linguistic, cultural and group identity?

Thinking in Xhosa and speaking in English: the theory and practice of contrastive analysis

Uswe's Development-driven ABET Curriculum

Counseling-learning/community language learning: A method of learner directed language teaching

An application of critical linguistics in an introductory course to English language and literature

Assignment writing in mainstream courses: getting a better product

“National Additive Bilingualism”: towards the formulation of a language plan for South African schools

Implications from transitional bilingual and immersion programmes for transitional ESL programmes in a post apartheid South Africa

The effects of planning time and levels of proficiency on inter language variability in Shona speakers of English

What is there to learn from the British multicultural primary school classroom?

Crowding and lack of space in an English multilingual setting: an interactional analysis

Sex differences in linguistic ability: a case for Xhosa

Constant change: strength, stress and sustainability

Towards a more communicative approach to the teaching of African languages, particularly Xhosa, as second languages

On babies and bathwater—the case of grammar instruction in second language acquisition: Implications for the teaching of Xhosa

English as a medium and as a subject in a post-apartheid South Africa

Developing an integrated ABE/ESL curriculum: Work-in-progress

Reading as an active and constructive linguistic process: Implications for language and literacy policy

Critical language awareness and people's English

Sociolinguistic perspectives on the quality of instruction in African primary classrooms

Comparing the reading and listening proficiency of L2 Students

Exploring the language classroom: interactional analysis

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