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SA Journal of Animal Science

SA Journal of Animal Science

Effect of feeding regime on the performance and blood parameters of male and female broiler chickens

Effects of transportation and storage duration of Japanese quail eggs on hatchability

Genotype imputation as a cost-saving genomic strategy for South African Sanga cattle: A review

Genetic variability in a population of Letelle sheep in South Africa

Effects of processed recycled poultry bedding with tannins extracted from pomegranate peel on the nutrient digestibility and growth performance of lambs

Effect of Leucaena leucocephala , as a protein source in a total mixed ration, on milk yield and composition of Saanen milk goats

Fatty acids profile and oxidative stability of eggs from laying hens fed diets containing hemp seed or hempseed cake

Effects of dietary inclusion of commercial toxin binders and prebiotics on performance and immune responses of broiler chicks fed aflatoxin-contaminated diets

Characterization of surface orientation and tenderness of sous vide processed edible offal and psoas muscle from Dohne Merino sheep

Effect of varying levels of dietary inclusion of sweet lupin on the growth production characteristics of ostriches ( Struthio camelus var. domesticus )

Multi-trait genetic evaluation for horn traits of economic importance in the Cape buffalo ( Syncerus caffer caffer )

Influence of season of birth, sex and paternal line on growth performance and carcass traits in pigs

Evaluation of candidate gene effects and environmental factors on reproductive performance of Holstein cows

Carcass and meat quality attributes of Malawi Zebu steers fed Vachellia polyacantha leaves or Adansonia digitata seed as alternative protein sources to Glycine max

A review on the involvement of catecholamines in animal behaviour

Mitochondrial functionality and beef colour: A review of recent research

Nutritional characteristics of meat from lambs fed diets containing mulberry hay

Effect of peppermint and thyme essential oil mist on performance and physiological parameters in broiler chickens

Evaluating horn traits of economic importance in sable antelope ( Hippotragus niger niger )

Effect of various levels of dietary whole cottonseed on blood parameters and performance of Awassi lambs under heat stress

Effect of dried distillers grains (DDGS) on diet digestibility, growth performance, and carcass characteristics in Creole wool lambs fed finishing diets

Effect of Chinese herbal medicines on rumen fermentation, methanogenesis and microbial flora in vitro

Identification of muscle and adipose gene expression patterns in lean and obese pigs

Analysis of 16S mitochondrial ribosomal DNA sequence variations and phylogenetic relations among some Serranidae fishes

Investigation of single nucleotide polymorphisms in porcine candidate genes for blood component traits in pigs

Effects of yeast culture on broiler growth performance, nutrient digestibility and caecal microbiota

Effect of late prepartum fibre-based diets on the live weight changes and reproduction of Holstein cows in the subsequent lactation period

Characteristics of carcass and non-carcass components of lambs fed diets containing silages of forages adapted to the semi-arid environment

Use of apple pomace in animal feed as an antioxidant of meat

Pre-weaning growth performance and carcass traits of Awassi and Chios-Awassi lambs

Pineapple stem by-product as a feed source for growth performance, ruminal fermentation, carcass and meat quality of Holstein steers

Effects of dietary total sulphur amino acids to lysine ratio on performance, nitrogen utilization of Ac layers (black-boned chicken)

Effect of level of inclusion of clove ( Syzygium aromaticum ) powder in the diet on growth and histological changes in the intestines and livers of broiler chickens

Feeding sodium selenite and nano-selenium stimulates growth and oxidation resistance in broilers

Increasing the productivity of Morkaraman sheep through crossbreeding with prolific Romanov sheep under semi-intensive production systems

Effect of production system and slaughter age on some production traits of guinea fowl: Meat quality and digestive traits

Co-products in maize-soybean growing-pig diets altered in vitro enzymatic insoluble fibre hydrolysis and fermentation in relation to botanical origin

Effect of probiotics, Saccharomyces spp.Kb-5 and Kb-8, in diets on growth performance and cholesterol levels in ducks

Hydrogen peroxide concentration and DNA fragmentation of buffalo oocytes matured in sericin-supplemented maturation medium

Prebiotic effects of oligosaccharides extracted from palm kernel expeller on different levels of Salmonella typhimurium infection in chicks

Influence of dietary supplementation of ginger powder at different levels on growth performance, haematological profiles, slaughter traits and gut morphometry of broiler chickens

pH measured 24 hours post mortem should not be regarded as ultimate pH in pork meat quality evaluation

Effect of zinc and probiotics supplementation on performance and immune organs morphology in heat stressed broilers

The comparison of three media on the in vitro maturation rate of pig oocytes

Pig diet with bioactive compounds influences quality of meat and smoked ham

Determination of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS) in livestock feeds

Rumen characteristics and feed utilization in goats fed with biologically treated oil palm fronds as roughage in a total mixed ration

Prediction of foal individual primal cuts yield using video image analysis

The effect of crude protein intake on sperm quality of young and old male broiler breeders

Forage quality and performance of sheep in Massai grass pastures managed at pre-grazing canopy heights

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