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Ripening of ‘Hass’ avocado mesocarp alters its phytochemical profile and the in vitro cytotoxic activity of its methanolic extracts

Seasonality influence on the chemical composition and antifungal activity of Psidium myrtoides O. Berg

Variations in chemotypes patterns of Tunisian Rosmarinus officinalis essential oils and applications for controlling the date moth Ectomyelois ceratoniae (Pyralidae)

Pharmacological evaluation of hydro-ethanol and hot water leaf extracts of Bauhinia galpinii (Fabaceae): A South African ethnomedicinal plant

Antimicrobial and phytotoxic activities of secondary metabolites from Haplophyllum tuberculatum and Chrysanthemum coronarium

Elevating tolerance of drought stress in Ocimum basilicum using pollen grains extract; a natural biostimulant by regulation of plant performance and antioxidant defense system

In vitro cytotoxicity study and anti-Brucella activity of Tarenna asiatica (L)

Phytochemical screening, antioxidant activity and in vitro biological evaluation of leave extracts of hyptissuaveolens (L.) poit.

Screening of Tunisian plant extracts for herbicidal activity and formulation of a bioherbicide based on Cynara cardunculus

Novel approaches towards over-production of andrographolide in vitro seedling cultures of andrographis paniculata

Padina tenuis (marine alga) attenuates oxidative stress and streptozotocin-induced type 2 diabetic indices in Wistar albino rats

A comparative study of the chemical composition, biological and multivariate analysis of Crotalaria retusa L. stem barks, fruits, and flowers obtained via different extraction protocols

A comparative microstructural study of the animal pigment, bilirubin, in seed arils of Strelitzia nicolai

Aqueous extracts of Flacourtia indica, Swartzia madagascariensis and Ximenia caffra are strong antibacterial agents against Shigella spp., Salmonella typhi and Escherichia coli O157

Ficinia pygmaea is not conspecific with F. limosa, and a description of a new species of Ficinia (Cyperaceae) from South Africa

Effects of inorganic and organic amendments on physiological parameters and antioxidant enzymes activities in zea mays L. from a cadmium-contaminated calcareous soil

Protective effects of Alchemilla vulgaris L. extracts against cisplatin-induced toxicological alterations in rats

In vitro enzyme inhibitory properties, antioxidant activities, and phytochemical fingerprints of five Moroccan seaweeds

Seed germination and storage studies in seed-fertile Musa indandamanensis and its conservation

Honeybush (Cyclopia spp.) pollen viability and surface morphology

Investigation of Aloe ferox leaf powder on anti-diabesity activity

Dicoma anomala (Sond.) abates glycation and DPP-IV activity and modulates glucose utilization in Chang liver cells and 3T3-L1 adipocytes

Changes of microbial community in the rhizosphere soil of Atractylodes macrocephala when encountering replant disease

Classification of interspecific and intraspecific species by genome-wide SSR markers on Dendrobium

Assessment of algal biomasses having different cell structures for biosorption properties of acid red P-2BX dye

Biomass estimation and heavy metal accumulation by Pluchea dioscoridis (L.) DC. in the Middle Nile Delta, (Egypt): Perspectives for phytoremediation

Biopharmaceutical potential, chemical profile and in silico study of the seagrass– Syringodium isoetifolium (Asch.) Dandy

Tree or not a tree: Differences in plant functional traits among geoxyles and closely related tree species

Imbalanced Ca/Mg and Ni excess effects on the growth, nutrient uptake, photosynthesis and antioxidant response of Punica granatum (cv. Granada) plants

Evaluation of some biological activities of the tubers of Corydalis solida (L.) Clairv. ssp. incisa Liéden growing in Turkey

Cytotoxic activity and volatile components of peel oil of Citrus volkameriana

Essential oil composition of a medicinally important Cape species: Pentzia punctata (Asteraceae)

Forest carbon stocks in woody plants of Chilimo-Gaji Forest, Ethiopia: Implications of managing forests for climate change mitigation

Spirulina microalgae improves memory deficit induced by scopolamine in male pup rats: Role of oxidative stress

Galling insects as phenotype manipulators of cell wall composition during the development of galls induced on leaves of Aspidosperma tomentosum (Apocynaceae)

Phytocompound variability, antioxidant and antibacterial activities, anatomical features of glandular and aglandular hairs of Thymus hirtus Willd. Ssp. algeriensis Boiss. and Reut. over developmental stages

Transcriptomic analysis of a Sorghum bicolor landrace identifies a role for beta-alanine betaine biosynthesis in drought tolerance

Phytochemical, antihypertensive and nephroprotective study of aqueous extract of the stems and roots of Selaginella vogelii Mett (Selaginellaceae) in rats

Expression patterns analysis of SOD genes in responses to ethylene-induced oxidative stress in rose (Rosa hybrida) during flower development

Systematics of the genus veltheimia (Hyacinthaceae: Scilloideae)

Sex determination in Kei-apple (Dovyalis caffra) using molecular markers and flow cytometry

Effect of cytokinin and MS medium composition on efficient shoot proliferation of Nyctanthes arbor-tristis L. through cotyledonary node explant and evaluation of genetic fidelity and antioxidant capacity of regenerants

Nanoemulsion of cashew nut shell liquid bio-waste: Mosquito larvicidal activity and insights on possible mode of action

A comparison of soil carbon pools across a mangrove-salt marsh ecotone at the southern African warm-temperate range limit

Formal honeybush tea industry reaches 20-year milestone – progress of product research targeting phenolic composition, quality and bioactivity

How important is patch size relative to patch isolation in an arid inselberg landscape?

The ethnobotany, leaf anatomy and major essential oil compounds of Leysera gnaphalodes (Asteraceae), a poorly known aromatic herbal tea endemic to southern Africa

Nutrient content of scarcely known wild leafy vegetables from northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Evaluation of acute, subacute oral toxicity and wound healing activity of mother plant and callus of Teucrium polium L. subsp. geyrii Maire from Algeria

Ecological niche information supports taxonomic delimitation of Irvingia gabonensis and I. wombolu (Irvingiaceae)

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