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South African Journal of Botany

Biological activities and phytochemical analysis of phenolic extracts from Salsola kali L.. Role of endogenous factors in the selection of the best plant extracts

Photosynthetic responses and tolerance to root-zone hypoxia stress of five bean cultivars (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Study toward antioxidant activity of Clematis flammula extracts: Purification and identification of two flavonoids-glucoside and trisaccharide

Differential tolerance of native and invasive tree seedlings from arid African deserts to drought and shade

The feasibility of bridge-grafting to restore the flow of sucrose in girdled Ocotea bullata and Curtisia dentata medicinal trees

Comparing antioxidant activities of flavonols from Annona coriacea by four approaches

Enhanced bacoside content in polyamine treated in-vitro raised Bacopa monnieri (L.) Wettst

The phylogeography and genetic diversity of the salt marsh species Salicornia tegetaria (S.Steffen, L.Mucina and G.Kadereit) Piirainen and G.Kadereit, endemic to South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique

Improving pea quality with vermicompost tea and aqueous biochar: Prospects for sustainable farming in Southern Africa

Effects of organic acids on paraquat activity in maize

Incorporating evolutionary history into conservation assessments of a highly threatened group of species, South African Dioscorea (Dioscoreaceae)

Butterfly pollination of Bonatea cassidea (Orchidaceae): Solving a puzzle from the Darwin era

Phytochemical composition, antioxidant and in vivo antidiabetic activities of the hydroethanolic extract of Eugenia florida DC. (Myrtaceae) leaves

The reclassification of 37 strains from The Mosonmagyaróvár Algal Culture Collection, Hungary, which were previously identified as Anabaena (Cyanobacteria, Nostocaceae)

Comparative evaluation of phenolic phytochemicals from perilla seeds of diverse species and screening for their tyrosinase inhibitory and antioxidant properties

Substituting plant vegetative parts with callus cell extracts: Case study with Woodfordia fruticosa Kurz. – A potent ingredient in skin care formulations

Seed germination niche for common ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.) populations naturalized in Turkey

The identification of Cryptocarya spp., Lauraceae in archeological charcoal

Neem oil water dispersible tablet as effective larvicide, ovicide and oviposition deterrent against Anopheles culicifacies

Intraspecific variation in seed germination and storage behaviour of Cordia tree species of subtropical montane forests of Argentina: Implications for ex situ conservation

Sebaea solaris (Gentianaceae), a new species from the Western cape of South Africa

Gladiolus virgineus, a new species from Zambia and notes on G. ferrugineus in South Africa (Iridaceae: Crocoideae)

Development of the endophytic parasite, Rafflesia patma Blume, among host plant (Tetrastigma leucostaphylum (Dennst.) Alston) vascular cambium tissue

Ethnobotanical research in sub-Saharan Africa – documenting and analysing indigenous knowledge about medicinal, edible and other useful plants

The role of the South African Journal of Botany as a vehicle to promote medicinal plant research– A bibliometric appraisal

Have humans living within the Greater Cape Floristic Region used the same plant species through time?

A review of the ethnobotany of the Basotho of Lesotho and the Free State Province of South Africa (South Sotho)

An inventory of Vhavenḓa useful plants

The ethnobotany of Central Sekhukhuneland, South Africa

Useful plants of Namaqualand, South Africa: A checklist and analysis

An inventory and analysis of the food plants of southern Africa

Indigenous fruit plants species of the Mapulana of Ehlanzeni district in Mpumalanga province, South Africa

Medicinal uses of selected wild edible vegetables consumed by Vhavenda of the Vhembe District Municipality, South Africa

A comprehensive review of ethnopharmacologically important medicinal plant species from Mauritius

Trade of wild-harvested medicinal plant species in local markets of Tanzania and its implications for conservation

Quantitative medicinal ethnobotany of Kannaland (western Little Karoo, South Africa): Non-homogeneity amongst villages

Zulu medicinal ethnobotany: new records from the Amandawe area of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Useful medicinal tree species of Ethiopia: Comprehensive review

Grasses in South African traditional medicine: A review of their biological activities and phytochemical content

Ethnobotany of Aloe L. (Asphodelaceae) in Tanzania

Diversity of Hypoxis species used in ethnomedicine in Tanzania

Sexual prowess from nature: A systematic review of medicinal plants used as aphrodisiacs and sexual dysfunction in sub-Saharan Africa

Traditional medicinal plants used to treat cancer, tumors and inflammatory ailments in Harari Region, Eastern Ethiopia

Ethnomedicinal plants used by traditional healers in the management of HIV/AIDS opportunistic diseases in Lusaka, Zambia

Medicinal plants used to manage sexually transmitted infections by Bapedi traditional health practitioners in the Blouberg area, South Africa

Ethnobotanical survey of invasive alien plant species used in the treatment of sexually transmitted infections in Waterberg District, South Africa

Ethnobotanical survey of plants used by Bapedi traditional healers to treat tuberculosis and its opportunistic infections in the Limpopo Province, South Africa

Plant species used for cosmetic and cosmeceutical purposes by the Vhavenda women in Vhembe District Municipality, Limpopo, South Africa

National inventory and usage of plant-based medicine to treat gastrointestinal disorders with cattle in Benin (West Africa)

Traditional uses, antimicrobial and acaricidal activities of 20 plants selected among Reunion Island's flora

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