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South African Journal of Bioethics and Law

South African Journal of Bioethics and Law

Is ‘decolonisation’ a legitimate and appropriate value in biomedical research and teaching?

Views of South African biomedical research ethics committee members on their own ethics review outcomes

Palliative care ethical guidelines to assist healthcare practitioners in their treatment of palliative care patients

The development of ethical guidelines for telemedicine in South Africa

Regulatory challenges relating to tissue banks in South Africa: Impediments to accessing healthcare

Providing claimants with access to information: A comparative analysis of the POPIA, PAIA and HPCSA guidelines

The effect of the Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance policy in South Africa: Possible implications for local HIV/AIDS non-governmental organisations

Ethical dilemmas in paediatric intensive care in the South African public healthcare sector

Medicolegal responsibilities for the administration of intravenous contrast media by radiographers: Radiologists’ perspectives

Legalising physician-assisted suicide in South Africa: Should it even be considered?

Do Tanzanian hospitals need healthcare ethics committees? Report on the 2014 Dartmouth/Penn Research Ethics Training and Program Development for Tanzania (DPRET) workshop

Involuntary sterilisation of HIV-positive women in South Africa: A current legal perspective

Unpacking the 2-year age-gap provision in relation to the decriminalisation of underage consensual sex in South Africa

CRISPR: Challenges to South African biotechnology law

Healthcare, artificial intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Ethical, social and legal considerations

Partial-birth abortion – is it legally and ethically justifiable? Lessons for South Africa

WhatsApp in a clinical setting: The good, the bad and the law

Euthanasia and our worldview

Life Esidimeni deaths: Can the former MEC for health and public health officials escape liability for the deaths of the mental-health patients on the basis of obedience to ‘superior orders’ or because the officials under them were negligent?

Healthcare in Crisis: A Shameful Disrespect of our Constitution

Employer-generated complaints to the statutory registration authority: The regulatory framework for the supervision of employed health professionals in the South African public sector

Legal implications of data sharing in biobanking research in low-income settings: The Nigerian experience

What the contract does not say… A current analysis of what’s missing in clinical trial agreements

Gender-affirming care in the context of medical ethics – gatekeeping v. informed consent

Human guinea pigs? The ethics of undergraduate and postgraduate student involvement in medical training in South Africa

The need to develop objective criteria for suitability as a surrogate mother: Reflections on Ex Parte KAF

Should the state fund assisted reproductive technologies for HIV-discordant couples in South Africa who want to have children?

Can the consent provisions in the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act, which do not require children to be assisted by a parent or guardian, be used for live births by caesarian section in emergency situations?

Is there room for religious ethics in South African abortion law?

Witnessing injustice: What is the student’s role in advocating for patients?

Life Esidimeni psychiatric patients in Gauteng Province, South Africa: Clinicians’ voices and activism – an ongoing, but submerged narrative

Following on from the Life Esidimeni incident – access to care for people living with severe mental disability, according to national policy

The Life Esidimeni tragedy: A human-rights perspective

Deferential vulnerability and patient decision-making

Informed consent and deafness in South Africa: Guidelines for clinicians and researchers

Password compliance for PACS work stations: Implications for emergency-driven medical environments

Do doctors attending sexual-offence victims have to notify sexual-offence suspects that their patients who were forced to have unprotected sexual intercourse are HIV-positive? What should doctors do?

Transparency in Medicines Regulatory Affairs - Reclaiming Missed Opportunities

How do healthcare professionals manage ethical challenges regarding information in healthcare professional/patient clinical interactions? A review of concept- or argument-based articles and case analyses

Public health officials and MECs for health should be held criminally liable for causing the death of cancer patients through their intentional or negligent conduct that results in oncology equipment not working in hospitals

A study of the role and functions of inspectors of anatomy in South Africa

End-of-life practices: The opinions of undergraduate medical students at a South African university

After Life Esidimeni: True human rights protections or lip service to the Constitution?

The Life Esidimeni disaster

Liver transplantation for non-resectable colorectal liver metastases at a single centre in South Africa: A report of the ethics and regulatory approval process

The intellectual challenge of doing bioethics in South Africa

Incentives for HIV testing at the workplace in the automotive industry in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality: Ethical considerations

Routine referrals: A possible solution for transplantation shortages

A global bioethical perspective on organ trafficking: Discrimination, stigmatisation and the vulnerable

Dare we rethink informed consent?

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