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Southern African Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Southern African Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Parental HIV/AIDS and psychological health of younger children in South Africa

“Every time that month comes, I remember”: using cognitive interviews to adapt grief measures for use with bereaved adolescents in South Africa

The role of fortitude in relation to exposure to violence among adolescents living in lower socio-economic areas in South Africa

Tobacco and alcohol use among adolescents in South Africa: shared and unshared risks

Towards a comprehensive test specification for normative adolescent fears: a conservation of resources perspective

Behaviour planning and problem solving deficiencies in children with symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder from the Balobedu culture, Limpopo province, South Africa

The Ububele Baby Mat intervention: facilitating meaning in a multi-cultural context

Mothers’ perinatal and infant mental health knowledge in a Johannesburg township setting

Neurocognitive considerations when assessing Theory of Mind in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Suicidal ideation among suburban adolescents: The influence of school bullying and other mediating risk factors

Factors associated with readmission in South African adolescents discharged from two inpatient psychosocial rehabilitation units

A 12 year chart review of childhood and adolescent onset psychosis at a Nigerian tertiary mental health facility

“They laugh when I sing”: perceived effects of caregiver social support on child wellbeing among South African caregivers of children

Examining empathy and its association with aggression in young Western Cape children

Hazardous, harmful and dependent drinking in hostel-dwelling students at the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein: a cross-sectional study

Psychiatric services for preschoolers: an emerging need

Clinical correlates of first episode early onset psychosis in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Assessing the criminal capacity of children: a challenge to the capacity of mental health professionals

Under pressure: The regulation of sexualities in South African secondary schools by Devia Bhana

Encountering a cartwheeling princess: relational psychoanalytic therapy of a child with attachment difficulties and ADHD

Prodromal psychotic symptoms and psychological distress among secondary school students in Abeokuta, Nigeria

An expressive art group intervention for sexually abused adolescent females

A validational study of the Ironson–Woods Spirituality/Religiousness Index in Nigerian adolescents

“Wine you get every day, but a child you can't replace”: The perceived impact of parental drinking on child outcomes in a South African township

A meta-review of school-based disaster interventions for child and adolescent survivors

Poetry and narrative therapy for anxiety about spinal surgery

Perceptions of mental healthcare professionals regarding inpatient therapy programmes for adolescents in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

Factor structure and psychometric properties of the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12) among Ghanaian adolescents

Family accommodation mediates the association between anxiety symptoms in mothers and children

Does forgiveness mediate the impact of school bullying on adolescent mental health?

Keeping the secret: how HIV-positive children in Iringa, Tanzania, respond to the perceived need for silence and secrecy

Use of counselling services by school-attending adolescent girls in Nigeria

‘Recovery’: Does it fit for adolescent mental health?

Correlates of inconsistent condom use among youth aged 18–24 years in South Africa

The role of parental style in the conduct disorders: A comparison between adolescent boys with and without conduct disorder

The search for a timely diagnosis: Parents’ experiences of their child being diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Non-medical prescription opioid use and violent behaviour among adolescents

The phenomenon of adolescents placing pressure on their parents

Positive and negative qualities of South African adolescents' parent and peer relationships

Therapeutic residential care for children and young people: An attachment and trauma-informed model for practice

Psychometric properties of instruments for assessing depression among African youth: A systematic review

The psychopharmacological management of eating disorders in children and adolescents

New developments in diagnosis and treatment update: Schizophrenia/first episode psychosis in children and adolescents

Drug holiday utilisation in ADHD-diagnosed children and adolescents in South Africa

Attachment, parenting styles and bullying during pubertal years

Resilience and post-traumatic stress disorder in the acute aftermath of rape: a comparative analysis of adolescents versus adults

Feasibility of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire in assessing children's mental health in primary care: Finnish parents’, teachers’ and public health nurses’ experiences with the SDQ

Improving mental health and wellbeing for young men in the building and construction industry

The impact of a mental health teaching programme on rural and urban secondary school students’ perceptions of mental illness in southwest Nigeria

Eating attitudes, body image satisfaction and self-esteem of South African Black and White male adolescents and their perception of female body silhouettes

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