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Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidation of N-acetyl-d-penicillamine in Acidified Iodate and Aqueous Iodine

Photocatalytic Activity of MOF-derived Cu 2 O/Cu/C/Ag Porous Composites

Production and Characterization of Carbon Molecular Sieves from Bituminous Lafia-Obi Nasarawa Coal by Pore Size Modification with Spent Engine Oil

Comparative Effects of Silver Nanoparticles, Sucrose and Sodium Chloride as Osmotic Solutions for Tomato Slices: Antioxidant Activity, Microbial Quality and Modelling with Polynomial Regression Model

Synthesis, characterization and biocompatibility of a multifunctional gold nanoparticle system for the delivery of single-stranded RNA to lymphocytes

Performance of Mn 2+ -modified bentonite clay for the removal of fluoride from aqueous solution

Validated method for the detection and quantitation of synthetic cannabinoids in whole blood and urine, and its application to postmortem cases in Johannesburg, South Africa

Anti-corrosion properties of areca palm leaf extract on aluminium in 0.5 M HCl environment

Flow injection spectrophotometric determination of glyphosate herbicide in wheat grains via condensation reaction with p-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde

Hydrazide derivatives: an overview of their inhibition activity against acid corrosion of mild steel

Optimization and electrochemical study on the control of mild steel corrosion in hydrochloric acid solution with bitter kola leaf extract as inhibitor

The role of Brønsted and Lewis acidity in the green synthesis of homopropargyl alcohols over HZSM-5

The effect of synthesis method on the structure, and magnetic and photocatalytic properties of hematite (α-Fe 2 O 3 ) nanoparticles

Simultaneous determination of nitrate, nitrite and phosphate in environmental samples by high performance liquid chromatography with UV detection

Determination of Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) and metabolites residues in fish species from Eastern Lake Tanganyika

Fabrication of nitrogen donor macro- and meso-porous materials for group 11 metal ions sorption

Effects of zinc precursor, basicity and temperature on the aqueous synthesis of ZnO nanocrystals

Hyphenated LC-ICP-MS/ESI-MS identification of halogenated metabolites in South African marine ascidian extracts

Development and validation of an ecofriendly chemiluminescence method for the determination of citalopram in pharmaceutical preparations using Cu 2+ -grafted oxidized multiwall carbon nanotubes

Development of an electrochemical nano-biosensor for rapid and sensitive diagnosis of bilharzia in Kenya

Transition metal oxide supported on alumina catalysts: a comparative study for the hydrogenation of octanal

Molecular complexes of boron trifluoride with some formyl compounds, HCOX (X = H, CH 3 , NH 2 , OH, F): effect of substitution, and extension to X = Li, BeH and BH 2

Effect of the mechanical treatment of alumina on thermal, morphological and dielectric properties of LDPE/Al 2 O 3 composites

Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial properties of N,N’ -Bis(4-dimethylaminobenzylidene)benzene-1,3-diamine as new Schiff base ligand and its binuclear Zn(II), Cd(II) complexes

Monitoring of SO 2 , NO x and NH 3 Emission from burning of solid wastes at Awotan and Lapite dumpsites, Ibadan, Nigeria

Synthesis, antiplasmodial and antitrypanosomal evaluation of a series of novel 2-oxoquinoline-based thiosemicarbazone derivatives

Highly sensitive electrochemical sensing platform for the detection of L-dopa based on electropolymerizing glutathione disulfide and multi-walled carbon nanotube-modified electrodes

Synthesis, in vitro cytotoxicity and trypanocidal evaluation of novel 1,3,6-substituted non-fluoroquinolones

Understanding the Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) production mechanism and its characteristics in the liquid–gas system using Milk of Lime (MOL) suspension

Lanthanide(III) complexes with tridentate Schiff base ligand, antioxidant activity and x-ray crystal structures of the Nd(III) and Sm(III) complexes

Chemical and nutritional compositions of flame of forest ( Delonix regia ) seeds and seed oil

Lead pollution of shooting range soils

Experimental sensing and density functional theory study of an ionic liquid mediated carbon nanotube modified carbon-paste electrode for electrochemical detection of metronidazole

Effect of benzamide on the corrosion inhibition of mild steel in sulphuric acid

Novel silver-doped NiTiO3: auto-combustion synthesis, characterization and photovoltaic measurements

Synthesis, spectroscopic and DFT characterization of 4 β -(4- tert -butylphenoxy) phthalocyanine positional isomers for non-linear optical absorption

ICH guidelines-compliant HPLC-UV method for pharmaceutical quality control and therapeutic drug monitoring of the multi-targeted tyrosine kinase inhibitor pazopanib

Partial Oxidation of n-Pentane over Vanadium Phosphorus Oxide supported on Hydroxyapatites

A Preliminary Investigation into the Stability of Inorganic Arsenic Species in Laboratory Solutions Simulating Sediment Pore Water

The Synthesis of Carbon Nanomaterials using Chlorinated Hydrocarbons over a Fe-Co/CaCO 3 Catalyst

Oxyhalogen-Sulfur Chemistry: Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidation of N-acetylthiourea by Aqueous Bromate and Acidified Bromate

Lack of Co-crystal Formation with Cyclotriphosphazenes: A Cautionary Tale

In vitro Investigation of the Antimicrobial Activity of a Series of Lipophilic Phenols and Naphthols

Synthesis, Physical and Antimicrobial Studies of Ferrocenyl-N-(pyridinylmethylene)anilines and Ferrocenyl-N-(pyridinylmethyl)anilines

Speciation of Chromium and Vanadium in Medicinal Plants

Modelling the Effects of Competing Anions on Fluoride Removal by Functionalized Polyacrylonitrile Coated with Iron Oxide Nanoparticles

Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies of Charge-Transfer Complex Formation between Imipramine and 2,3-Dichloro-5,6-dicyano-1,4-benzoquinone (DDQ) in Acetonitrile and Dichloromethane Solutions

A Simple Polarimetry Technique for Predicting the Absolute Configuration of the Preferred Enantiomer in Chiral Host-Guest Inclusion Complexes

A Rapid and Sensitive LC-MS/MS Method for the Determination of Multi-class Residues of Antibiotics in Chicken Liver

Ring-Opening Polymerization of Lactides by (Pyrazol-1-ylmethyl)pyridine Zn(II) and Cu(II) Complexes: Kinetics, Mechanism and Tacticity Studies

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