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A hope-based future orientation intervention to arrest adversity

School climate, an enabling factor in an effective peer education environment: Lessons from schools in South Africa

Not a panacea, but vital for improvement? Leadership development programmes in South African schools

Student teachers’ perceptions, experiences, and challenges regarding learner-centred teaching

Pre-service teachers’ views about the nature of science and scientific inquiry: The South African case

The role of professional learning communities to support teacher development: A social practice theory perspective

Learning from professional conversation: A conversation analysis study

Implications of the quantitative literacies test results of the National Benchmark Test Project (NBTP) for teachers

Prevalence of motor skill impairment among Grade R learners in the West Coast District of South Africa

The effect of psychological violence on preschool teachers’ perceptions of their performance

Contribution of teaching assistants to quality education in Grade 1 classrooms

A proverb in need is a proverb indeed: Proverbs, textbooks and communicative language ability

Management capability in a structural modelling of the quality of economics and accounting education in Indonesia

Exploring female learners’ perceptions of learning geometry in mathematics

The alignment of the Grade 12 physics examination with the CAPS curriculum: (November 2014–March 2018)

Influences of preschool on the development of self-control in preschool children in Montenegro

At-risk students in selected schools in Zimbabwe: An ecological perspective

Reading on paper or reading digitally? Reflections and implications of ePIRLS 2016 in South Africa

Information needs and constraints of access to educational information in the Fort Beaufort Education District

Identifying the factors influencing mathematical literacy in several Spanish regions

Managing teacher absenteeism: Lessons from independent primary schools in Gauteng, South Africa

Accounting teachers’ experiences of communal feedback in rural South Africa

Application of biometric fingerprinting to encourage the active involvement of student teachers in lectures on differentiated instruction

Citizenship formation through curriculum and pedagogical practices: Evidence from two Zimbabwean teachers’ colleges

Examining teachers’ technological pedagogical and content knowledge in the era of cloud pedagogy

Training educational psychology professionals for work engagement in a context of inequality and trauma in South Africa

Teachers’ views of inclusive education in Serbian schools

Life orientation teacher training needs in career guidance at rural high schools

Challenges and opportunities regarding usage of computers in the teaching and learning of Mathematics

Mathematical practical sessions with manipulatives: Trainee teachers’ perceptions of their utility

Editorial: The neo-liberal economic revolution and education

Neo-liberalism and the human rights creed: Conflicting forces vying for control of the global education agenda

Structure and agency: Clash or complement towards quality public education within the South African legislative framework?

Well-being for whom? Unpacking the teacher well-being discourse of the South African Department of Basic Education

Educators' subjective experiences of workplace bullying within a perceived neoliberalist education system

The effect of the ideology of new managerial professionalism on the South African education system

Editorial: building a conducive environment in underachieving schools: a critical pedagogy

Teachers for rural schools – a challenge for South Africa

Thuma mina and education: Volunteerism, possibilities and challenges

Fostering self-regulated learning of Grade 10 learners by means of participatory action research

Theory and practice of the quintile ranking of schools in South Africa: A financial management perspective

School-based mathematics teacher professional learning: A theoretical position on the lesson study approach

Learners and educators as agents of social transformation in dysfunctional South African schools

Taming the tide of achievement gap by managing parental role in learner discipline

Schooling experiences of children left behind in Zimbabwe by emigrating parents: Implications for inclusive education

Physical sciences teaching and learning in Eastern Cape rural schools: Reflections of pre-service teachers

“You can be anything” – Career guidance messages and achievement expectations among Cape Town teenagers

Capacitating postgraduate education students with lay counselling competencies via the culturally appropriate bibliotherapeutic Read-me-to-Resilience intervention

Relationship between prospective teachers’ deontic justice attitudes and academic dishonesty tendencies

Finding the missing variables: A systematic review of mathematics improvement strategies for South African public schools

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