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Southern African Journal of Environmental Education

Southern African Journal of Environmental Education

Editorial: A South–South exchange begins to re-frame historic dialectical exclusions into situated heritage discourses of reflexive re-imagining

Navigating non-sense by exemplifying situated life experience and intergenerational heritage knowledge in Education for Sustainable Development learning spaces

Territory and ontology in the educational practices of an indigenous Zapotecan community in Mexico

The legend of Achaneh: Socio-ecological knowledge in the oral tradition of fisherwomen in Veracruz, Mexico

Landscape, memory and learning to change in changing worlds:Contemplating intergenerational learning and traditional knowledge practices within social-ecological landscapes of change

Living currency: The multiple roles of livestock in livelihood sustenance and exchange in the context of rural indigenous communities in southern Africa

Challenges in tackling environmental concerns in indigenous education in Mexico

Pursuing epistemological plurality in South Africa's Eco-Schools: Discursive rules for knowledge legitimation

Environmental education from an intercultural approach: A glimpse into Latin America

Education for Sustainable Development at the problem-posing nexus of re-appropriated heritage practices and the science curriculum

Integrating indigenous knowledge practices as context and concepts for the learning of curriculum science: A methodological exploration

Shared commitments towards social resilience in populations vulnerable to extreme weather conditions

Viewpoint: Towards an IK-SCIE integrative model, A theoretical reflection on the agricultural college curriculum in Zimbabwe

Viewpoint: Indigenous knowledge systems and environmental social work education: Towards environmental sustainability

Viewpoint: Engagement in local social-ecological knowledge practices in a seasonal cycles approach for transitioning to future sustainability

Think Piece: Situating Education for Sustainable Development in southern African philosophy and contexts of social-ecological change to enhance curriculum relevance and the common good

Editorial: Understanding Collective Learning and Human Agency in Diverse Social, Cultural and Material Settings

Gender, Power and Women’s Participation in Community Environmental Education

Exploring Hybrid Third Spaces in the Place Mappings of Malawian Youth

Understanding Durban University of Technology Students’ Perceptions of Biodiversity Loss

Think Piece: Pioneers as Relational Subjects? Probing Relationality as Phenomenon Shaping Collective Learning and Change Agency Formation

Think Piece: Reflections on the Individual–Collective Relation in Change Agency Formation in the Samsø Renewable Energy Island Project

Think Piece: Change Agents and Collective Experience-Making as Part of Sustainable Transitions in the Face of Climate Change

Think Piece: Intersectional Resonance and the Multiplicity of Being in a Polarised World

Think Piece: Food Gardening and Intergenerational Learning in Times of Uncertainty

Think Piece on Amanzi for Food: Working with Critical Realism to Inform a Situated Learning Framework for Climate Change Education

Think Piece: Action Competence through Ethno-Geography

Think Piece on Green Guerrilla: Creating Sustainable Development through Sustainability Bildung

Editorial: Journal Development, Scholar Development and Quality

Problematising development in sustainability: epistemic justice through an African ethic

Local Ecological Knowledge and Communitybased Management of Wildlife Resources: A Study of the Mumbwa and Lupande Game Management Areas of Zambia

An analysis of the policy coverage and examination of environmental-impact topics

Perceptions of climate change among Grade 11 learners in the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, South Africa

Assessing wetland health using a newly developed land cover citizen science tool for use by local people who are not wetland specialists

Students’ attitudes to paper consumption in relation to carbon emissions and the impact of electronic course documents

The nature of learning and work transitioning in boundaryless work: the case of the environmental engineer

Environmental education in teacher education: a viewpoint exploring options in South Africa

Think Piece: What Education is of Most Worth in a World Where We Are Consuming the Future of our Children?

Think Piece: Sustainability Education and (Curriculum) Improvisation

Enhancing Life Sciences Teachers’ Biodiversity Knowledge : A Professional Learning Community Approach

The Implementation of Environmental Education in Geography (Grades 8–10) in the Caprivi Region, Namibia

Professional Development in Environmental and Sustainability Education: Voices, Practices and Reflections of Science Teachers

Towards a Theory-Based Framework for Assessing the Mainstreaming of Education for Sustainable Development: A Case Study of Teacher Education Institutions in Botswana

Change Project-Based Learning in Teacher Education in Botswana

Re-visioning Curriculum and Pedagogy in a University Science and Technology Education Setting: Case Studies Interrogating Socio-Scientific Issues

Teaching and Learning of ‘Water for Agriculture’ in Primary Schools in Lesotho, South Africa and Zimbabwe

Viewpoint A Viewpoint of Personal Aesthetic Preferences and Aesthetic Education, Landscape Theory and Survival in the Kalahari Region of South Africa: Implications for an Authentic Contemporary Curriculum

Viewpoint Environmental Slogans: Memes with Diverging Interpretations

The Listening Train: A Collaborative, Connective Aesthetics Approach to Transgressive Social Learning

Death and Rebirth of Atlántida: The Role of Social Learning in Bringing about Transformative Sustainability Processes in an Ecovillage

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