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It takes a township

Satisfaction surveys as mechanisms to assess the success of an institution of higher learning as an ‘inviting institution’: A case study

The integration of quality management functions within a university: A systems approach

Profiling learning style preferences of first-year University students: Implications for course design and instruction

Executive university managers’ experiences of strike and protest activity: A qualitative case study of a South African university

Academic achievement of incarcerated students

Exploring the postgraduate research climate and the postgraduate research experience: A conceptual model

Responding electronically to student drafts on campus: Dis/encouraging dialogue?

The concept of ‘first-generation student’ in the literature: Implications for South African higher education

Re-envisioning the scholarship of engagement: Lessons from a university-school partnership project for mathematics and science teaching

Demographic and academic factors affecting research productivity at the University of KwaZulu- Natal

Service quality and students’ satisfaction with the professional teacher development programmes by distance mode in a South African university

Knowledge production and distribution by institutions of higher education in sub-Saharan Africa: Opportunities and challenges

Knowledge with wisdom in postgraduate studies and supervision: Epistemological and institutional concerns and challenges

Alternative approaches to postgraduate supervision: A planning tool to facilitate supervisory processes

Dealing with doctoral students: Tips from the trenches

Postgraduate supervision as an advanced teaching and learning practice: Exploring the scholarship link

The role of the supervisor in the supervisory process

Shifting boundaries: The challenge of assessing MTech community-based-visual arts research projects

An online learning space facilitating supervision pedagogies in science

Debriefing interviews and coaching conversations: Strategies to promote student reflexivity and action

Multiplicity in supervision relationships: A factor in improving throughput success?

Postgraduate students’ experiences in interdisciplinary research studies

An intervention to assist students with writing their dissertations and theses

On Cavellian scepticism and postgraduate student supervision

Researching the effects of teaching grammar rules to English second language adult learners

Student recruitment and relationship marketing – convergence or contortion?

Doctoral success as ongoing quality business: A possible conceptual framework

Demographic profiling – a determination of academic performance in a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management

Higher education exports in South Africa: A case study of Stellenbosch University

The needs and perceptions of academics regarding their professional development in an era of educational transformation

Effect of active learning techniques on students’ choice of approach to learning in Dentistry: A South African case study

Analysis of perceived stress, coping resources and life satisfaction among students at a newly established institution of higher learning

Students’ perceptions of the effectiveness of their in-service training for the Advanced Certificate in Education programme

Exploring science educators’ cosmological worldviews through the binoculars of an argumentation framework

Social regulation and shifting institutional culture in higher education: A reflective account of a Faculty of Education

Teachers as learners: A case study of teachers’ understanding of Astronomy concepts and processes in an ACE course

Where are the foundation phase teachers for our children? Black students’ perceptions

How can we retain them? An investigation into the early cancellation of courses in a distance learning institution

Speaking truth to power: Understanding education research and the educational turn in South Africa’s new century

What you do and where you are: A comparative analysis of postgraduate education research (1995–2004) from three South African higher education institutions 1

Africanising scholarship: The case of UDW, Natal and UKZN postgraduate educational research (1995–2004)

Titles as discourse: Naming and framing research agendas as evident in theses titles in 1995–2004

The nature of experimental and quasiexperimental research in postgraduate education research in South Africa: 1995–2004

Postgraduate educational research on violence, gender, and HIV/AIDS in and around schools (1995–2004)

Unpacking the predominance of case study methodology in South African postgraduate educational research, 1995–2004

On the right and left of the centre: ABET and ECE postgraduate educational research in South Africa, 1995–2004

Rurality and rural education: Discourses underpinning rurality and rural education research in South African postgraduate education research 1994–2004

Post-graduate supervision practices in South African universities in the era of democracy and educational change 1994–2004

‘Now you call us colleagues’: A reflection on the PPER students’ experience of becoming researchers 2007 and 2009

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