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Education and hope: Stellenbosch University in the 21st century

The case for the relevant university

Doing reasonable hope within a cultural-historical activity framework

The pedagogy of hope at IMSTUS: Interpretation and manifestation

Hope anchored in practice

Late entrants into the academic profession: Conceptual constructions of hope in a faculty of Education

A defamiliarising ‘scholarship of hope’: A youth subjectivity and schooling perspective

Argumentation as pedagogy for social justice through science education

Physical education, sport and recreation: A triad pedagogy of hope

Education for peace and a pedagogy of hope

Recognition of prior learning in promoting lifelong learning: A pedagogy of hope or a shattering of dreams?

bell hooks and the enactment of emotion in teaching and learning across boundaries: A pedagogy of hope?

Towards anchoring hope

A pedagogy of hope after Paulo Freire

Creating sustainable empowering learning environments through scholarship of engagement

Towards sustainable empowering learning environments: Unmasking apartheid legacies through scholarship of engagement

Exploring responses to xenophobia: Using workshopping as critical pedagogy

Listening to voices of the voicesless: A critical consciousness for academic industrial complex

Community development as an approach to community engagement in rural-based higher education institutions in South Africa

University-rural community partnership for people-centred development: Experiences from Makhado Municipality, Limpopo Province

Engaged learning: A pathway to better teaching

Enhancing capacity for social justice work within the academy: Building critical consciousness

University – government – international donor community cooperation in research, teaching and community engagement

Why sticks and carrots are only for animals: An exploratory study on self-worth in higher education

Creating sustainable learning environments in schools by means of strategic planning: The experience of engagement by a comparative education team at a university

Reflection by a higher education institution on it’s engagement with the community

Breaking the back of economic and financial (il)literacy in South Africa: A critical reflection of the role of economic education

Initiating Debate: Affirmative action and admissions in higher education

Some issues in affirmative action in higher education in South Africa

White teenage girls and affirmative action in higher education in South Africa

Confronting the categories: Equitable admissions without apartheid race classification

Just admissions: South African universities and the question of racial preference

Some myths on equity and access in higher education

Race as seriality: A response to David Benatar and Zimitri Erasmus

Student being and becoming at the university: A response from the perspective of a reflexive sociology of teacher education

From ‘race-consciousness’ to ‘colour-consciousness’

Beyond the heart of darkness and the unbearable lightness ...

(Em)bodying affirmative action within a sociality of meaning making

The affirmative action debate: A critical reflection

The politicisation of the university in South Africa and its consequent demise

Beyond the university of racial diversity: Some remarks on race, diversity, (dis)advantage and affirmative action

Affirmative action and admissions in higher education

Telling my story: Being a feminist researcher in higher education

A university department as a community of practice: A quality promotion perspective

First year Master of Education (M.Ed.) students’ experiences of part-time study: A South African case study

A national benchmarking survey of student counselling centres/units in South Africa

Breaking the culture of silence in checkmating HIV/AIDS as a teacher-researcher

Developing staff for the implementation of problem-based learning: Experiences from Botswana

Do learning skills acquired in the university access programme enhance participation in academic practice?

Is quality assurance in higher education contextually relative?

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