Society of African Journal Editors

South African Journal of Libraries and Information Science

South African Journal of Libraries and Information Science

12th International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics Brazil

A guide to Docutek, Inc.'s ERes software : A way to manage electronic reserves, (Ed) James M McCloskey

The evaluation of a digital information literacy program

Moving Beyond Outreach: Reflections on Two Case Studies of Community Library Services in South Africa

Now into big strides: report on statutory status for the South African Library and Information Services (LIS) sector

Education for library cataloging : International perspectives, (Ed) Dajin D Sun and Ruth C Carter

Common errors and challenges in publishing in a peer refereed Library and Information Journal

"Beyond reason and vanity?" : some issues in academic journal publication in Library and Information Studies

Social capital : a fresh vision for public libraries in South Africa?

Adult education in South African public libraries: a profile of activities

A Webometric study of selected academic libraries in eastern and southern Africa using a link analysis approach

A comparison of the research and publication patterns and output of academic librarians in eastern and southern Africa from 1990-2006:a preliminary study

South African responses to open access publishing : a survey of the research community

First mergers: a case study of the Boland College of Education and the Cape Technikon libraries

Contexts of relevance for information retrieval system design : research article

Educational and vocational guidance and information services for the youth in public libraries

Diffusion of lCTs and E-commerce adoption in manufacturing SMEs in Kenya

An overview of electronic information resources sharing initiatives in Kenyan universities

Mapping the fit : library and information services and the national transformation agenda in South Africa, Part 1

The state of estuarine knowledge of the communities of the Tyolomnqa Estuary in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

Influence of the World Wide Web on the citation patterns of Master of Information Studies students at the University of Natal during the period 1996 to 2002

Influence of information availability and utilization on decision-making of managers in large-scale manufacturing industries in Nigeria

Averages of impact factors : general contribution

Empowering the South African community's AIDS intervention workforce: an informetric study of HIV/AIDS research projects, with special reference to masters and doctoral dissertations and theses

Handbook of electronic and digital acquisitions, (Ed) Thomas W Leonhardt

An informetric analysis of publication and research collaboration patterns in natural and applied sciences in South Africa

New directions in reference, (Ed) Byron Anderson Paul T Webb

Analysis of Scientific Research in Selected Institutions in South t~frica: A Bibliometric Study

A guide to Docutek, Inc.'s ERes software : A way to manage electronic reserves, (Ed) James M McCloskey

Information literacy for tertiary education students in Africa, Ayoku A Ojedokun

A guide to Docutek, Inc.'s ERes software : A way to manage electronic reserves, (Ed) James M McCloskey

Education for library cataloging : International perspectives, (Ed) Dajin D Sun and Ruth C Carter

Distance learning: Information access and services for virtual users. Editor: Hemalata Iyer

Electronic journal management systems: Experiences from the field. Gary Ives (Ed.).

Internet and personal computing fads. Mary Ann Bell, Mary Ann Berry and james Van Roekel

Internet guide to travel health. Elizabeth Connor Yvonne Blomkamp

Journal of Library and Information Services in Distance Learning.

User information literacy: Case studies from university library programmes in the SCANUL-ECS region. Editors: Elizabeth Kiondo and jangawe Msuy

The diffusion of innovations theory as a theoretical framework in Library and Information Science research

Perception of Botswana lawyers about the use of leTs in law firms in Botswana


Diffusion of Information and Communication Technologies in communication of agricultural information among agricultural researchers and extension workers in Kenya

HIV / AIDS research and the youth : an informetric analysis of the literature

The marginalized knowledge : an informetric analysis of indigenous knowledge publications (1990-2004)

The role of academic libraries in the enhancement of information literacy : a study of Fort Hare Library

Preservation education in South African library and archive degree programmes

Developing a GIS-based inventory of South Africa's public libraries: The Public and Community Libraries Inventory of South Africa (PaCLlSA) project

Flawed evidence : a case study of misquoting and inaccurate referencing

The feasibility of ICT diffusion and use amongst rural women in South Africa

Legal solutions in electronic reserves and the electronic delivery of Interlibrary Loan, Janet Brennan Croft

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