Society of African Journal Editors

South African Journal of Libraries and Information Science

South African Journal of Libraries and Information Science

Future machine-readable cataloguing format for South African libraries

Information seeking behaviour of the professoriate in selected federal universities in southwest Nigeria

A mental model for successful inter-disciplinary collaboration in curriculum innovation for information literacy

Rol van besigheidsprosesherontwerp in die formulering van 'ninligtingstegnologiestrategie vir 'n onderneming

Factors impacting library-related uses of mobile phones by students in public universities in Malawi

Profiling students using an institutional information portal:a descriptive study of the Bachelor of Arts degree students,University of South Africa

Student experience of the University of the Western Cape library:sourcing the problems

Continuing Professional Development opportunities in Information and Communication Technology for academic librarians at the Durban University of Technology

Methodology and noology: amazing prospects for library and information science

Literacy environment of pupils in urban primary schools

The management of medical records in the context of service delivery in the public sector in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: the case of Ngwelezana hospital

Aspects of size and geography of an African cyberspace

Research project to determine the effect of free voluntary reading on comprehension

Scopus or Web of Science for a bibliometric profile of pharmacy research at a Nigerian university?

Age diversity and the aging librarian in academic libraries in South Africa

Information management education: towards a holistic perspective

The role of Kenyan universities in promoting research and scholarly publishing

Availability of books as a factor in reading, teaching and learning behaviour in twenty disadvantaged primary schools in South Africa

Aanvaarbaarheid van 'n nuwe model vir technikonopleiding inbiblioteek- en inligtingkunde: 'n Delphi-studie

E-visibility of environmental science researchers at the University of South Africa

Information literacy education and instruction in academic libraries and LIS schools in institutions of higher education in South Africa

South African studies: a review of NISC's anthology CD-ROM

Factors influencing the behaviour of academics towards peer-reviewed electronic journals in Zimbabwean state universities

E-book usage amongst academic librarians in South Africa

Creating World-Wide Web bulletin boards to enhance current awareness services

Reconsidering a digital learning commons in a distance teaching and learning environment

Journal cancellations in university libraries in South Africa

Towards an investigation of information literacy in South African students

A comparison of the research and publication patterns and output of academic librarians in eastern and southern Africa from 1990-2006:a preliminary study

Effect of the work environment on the communication of information in science

Quality management framework for evaluating academic libraries in Kenya

Library use and academic achievement

Reading interest and information needs of persons with visual impairment in Nigeria

Some aspects of the sociology of information: a framework for analysis ofinformation provision in the resource centre sector of South Africa

Availability and utilisation of information and communication technologies for service delivery: a South African case study

Virtual academic and the virtual librarian: real interdependency

First mergers: a case study of the Boland College of Education and the Cape Technikon libraries

Total quality management in libraries: fad or fact?

Training needs of general library workers:Part I (challenges facing educators in South African institutions of higher learning)

Menials or managers? A decade of library and information science educationat the Cape Technikon

The strategic importance of identifying knowledge-based and intangible assets for generating value, competitiveness and innovation in sub-Saharan Africa

Disaster management in libraries: the role of a disaster plan

Indigenous traditional knowledge protection:prospects in South Africas intellectual property framework?

Research in information sciences: An African perspective. Edited by L.O.Aina. Gaborone: University of Botswana, 2002. 220p.

Post-graduate research in information and knowledge management in LIS schools in South Africa

Knowledge-based enterprises: an overview

Local content development projects in Africa

Comparing Web of Science, Scopus and Google Scholar from an Environmental Sciences perspective

Digital libraries and archiving knowledge : some critical questions

The why, what, and how of collection development policies

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