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Southern African Journal of Mission Studies

Nico Botha and Missiology : quest for narrative approach: research

Living in the land : an oiko-theological response to the amadiba crisis committee of xolobeni’s struggle for ubuntu, land and ecology: research

Missiology as social justice : a contextual reading of the mission of Christ in Luke 4:16-19: research

The ‘just war’ tradition in Zimbabwean historiography : dis(entangling) the Gordian knot between religion and morality of war: research

Giving an account of hope in South Africa : interpreting the Theological Declaration (1979) of the ‘Broederkring van NG Kerke’: research

The African Initiated Churches as an embodiment of the moratorium debate : lessons for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa, Central Diocese: research


The evangelical role of wichcraft in some pentecostal movements : an African pastoral concern: research

Christian fathers as role models of the church’s fulfilment of the Missio Dei in a fatherless society: research

The demise of the Lutheran Theological Institute Library and archives in retrospect : reflections of a manuscript librarian in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa: research

The first ten years (1923-1933) of the Bantu Presbyterian Church of South Africa : from mission to church, from church to mission?: research

A socio-historical background to the Keswick theology in East African Revival Movement as “walking in the light” : perspectives from Kenya: research

The decolonising content of African theology and the decolonisation of African theology reflections on a decolonial future for African theology: research

Cone’s binary view of Africanness and Christianity through the eyes of his African American critics: research

James Cone and the Crisis of American Theology: research

The Bible and/as the Lynching Tree : a South African tribute to James H. Cone: research

A haunting responsibility to James Cone: research

Cracking the Eurocentric Code : a battle on the banks of the ‘New Blood Rivers’: research

Black theology of liberation (Is it the) thing of the past? a theological reflection on black students’ experiences: research

Contextual views on Paul the tentmaker - did we forget the poor?

Decolonising development? Re-claiming Biko and a black theology of liberation within the context of faith based organisations in South Africa

Moving against the tide - Assemblies of God polity at the loggerhead with South African socio- and theo-cultural reality

The evangelical role of witchcraft in some pentecostal movements - an African pastoral concern

The implications of ecclesiology’s understanding of church and ἐκκλησία for the current missiology

Temple symbolism and mission in the Pauline churches

To cover the many sins of galamsey mining

Standing where God stands - JNJ Kritzinger as an encountering missionary and missiologist

The decolonisation of the mind - Black Consciousness community projects by the Limpopo Council of Churches

The dynamics of multicultural Youth Ministry in a changing South Africa

The prosperity gospel, the decolonisation of gheology, and the abduction of missionary imagination

Towards understanding mission to Muslims in Kenya - a missio-Dei perspective

Is our well poisoned? A historical / economic analysis of Christian higher education in Nigeria

The ethics of identity and world Christianity

Reverse mission and the establishment of Redeemed Christian Church (RCCG) in Canada

Themes and methodologies in Pauline missiology for a contemporary world

Reflections on Yosefa Mhalamhala’s involvement in the formation of the Igreja Presbyterian de Moçambique

Reconciling the supernatural worldviews of the Bible, African traditional religion, and African Christianity

John Wesley : church mission struggle in the fight against slave trade

Challenges of climate change and the culpability of churches : towards an effective church climate change action in Nigeria

True disciples, nature and leiturgia : preservation of the earth

Reflection on glocal worship in missiology in the context of the marginalised, yet never silenced, black African worship music from missio Dei perspective

The role of personhood in development : an African perspective on development in South Africa

The making of Allan Aubrey Boesak : theologian and political activist

Conversions in context : insights from an autobiographical narrative of a Congolese-born missionary at Stinkwater

Ordinary saints : lessons in the art of giving away your life, Stuart C. Devenish: book review

Holistic mission : God’s plan for God’s people, B.C. Woolnough and W. Ma (ed.): book review

Pentecostal mission spirituality : a study of the classical pentecostal churches in Ghana

Welcoming strangers! The responses of African pentecostal churches in London to Europe’s migration and refugee crisis

The relation of God’s mission and the mission of the church in Ephesians

Factors inhibiting inculturation of the holy communion symbols in the Anglican Church in Kenya : a case study of the diocese of Thika

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