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South African Journal of Philosophy

Sympathy and affectuum imitatio : Spinoza and Hume as social and political psychologists

Diagnosis without treatment: responding to the War on Terror

‘On Bullshit’ and ‘Mindfucking’: an essay on mental manipulation in education

Normative reasons and the possibility of motivation

Just the beginning for ubuntu: reply to Matolino and Kwindingwi

The concept of privilege: a critical appraisal

Can a communitarian concept of African personhood be both relational and gender-neutral?

Transitivity and the ontology of causation

Should we punish a remorseful offender? Punishment within a theory of symbolic restoration

Informal pragmatics and linguistic creativity

Mental disorders, brain disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders: challenges for the philosophy of psychopathology after DSM-5

How not to be a metaethical naturalist – Jesse Prinz on the emotional construction of morals

Biomedical enhancement and the pursuit of mastery and perfection: a critique of the views of Michael Sandel

Knowing linguistic conventions

Virginity testing in South Africa: a cultural concession taken too far?

Transplant thought-experiments: two costly mistakes in discounting them

Determining technology: myopia and dystopia

Philosophers should be interested in ‘common currency’ claims in the cognitive and behavioural sciences

Is this really what women want? An analysis of Fifty Shades of Grey and modern feminist thought

Factual states of affairs – uniting diverging philosophical orientations and setting them apart: illuminating the impact of a non-reductionist ontology

The epistemology of neo-Gettier epistemology

The relation between evil and transcendence: new possibilities?

‘Biologising’ Putnam: saving the realism in internal realism

Textualising beyond Rorty’s textualism

Critical hermeneutics and higher education: a perspective on texts, meaning and institutional culture

On agreed actions without agreed notions

Phenomenology as first philosophy

Defining ubuntu for business ethics – a deontological approach

Facing being: the significance of Thomist ontological epistemology to realism in post-Kantian philosophy

Outflanking the vicious circle

Book Review Understanding Ethics, 3rd edition By Torbjörn Tännsjö (2013)

Am I My Brother’s Keeper? On Personal Identity and Responsibility

Restorative Justice and the South African Truth and Reconciliation Process

Is the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act Guilty of Disability Discrimination?

The Injustice of Discrimination1

Defining Philosophical Counselling: An Overview1

Mental states, processes, and conscious intent in Libet’s experiments

Understanding the Linguistic Turn and the Quest for Meaning : Historical Perspectives and Systematic Considerations

Political Obligation, Dirty Hands and Torture; A Moral Evaluation

Vulnerability and the Sovereign Individual: Nussbaum and Nietzsche on the role of agency and vulnerability in personhood

The agent-relative/agent-neutral distinction: my two sense(s)

Seinsverständnis and meaning in Heidegger

Can Bayes’ Theorem, given the evidence of this universe, be used to support theism?

Primitive terms and the limits of conceptual understanding

Marxism as a science of interpretation: beyond Louis Althusser

The end of ubuntu

Africa and the prospects of deliberative democracy

Bargaining and agreement in Gauthier’s moral contractarianism

Redrawing Kant’s philosophy of mathematics

On the plurality of times: disunified time and the A-series

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