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South African Journal for Research in Sport, Physical Education and Recreation

South African Journal for Research in Sport, Physical Education and Recreation

Injury prevalence and functional movement screen TM scores in young football players

Service-learning within field experience of physical education teacher education in South Africa: experiences of pre-service and in-service teachers

Development of an instrument to assess perception of Quality Physical Education ( QPE ) among European professionals

Knowledge transfer from sport science to coaching: a South African coach’s perspective

Community mapping and creating safe spaces for physical activity in a South African context of relative poverty

Anthropometric profile and serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D 3 levels in elite soccer players

Motor performance according to physical activity levels

Associations between physical fitness and academic performance in teenagers

Factorial validity of extended sport competitive anxiety test evaluated with young athletes

Exploratory study of essential life skills for adolescent elite athletes in South Africa

Measuring performance of batting partners in limited overs cricket

Verband tussen fisieke aktiwiteit en sedentêre tyd, en akademiese prestasie by Graad 7-leerders in Potchefstroom

Impact of sled loads on velocity during acceleration phase from starting blocks

Influence of relative age effect on fitness levels of chilean school children aged 14-15 years

Spectator tension in limited overs cricket matches

Health promotion by African swimming federations

Evaluating activity of deep stabilising system of the spine in young elite ice hockey players

Application of resistance training practices of elite spanish roller hockey teams

Moderating effects of affective image on relationship between novelty-seeking and behavioural intentions of runners

Challenges facing life skills and life orientation subject advisors in implementation of physical education

Relationship between demographic variables and leisure constraints of selected South African first-year university students

Active video dancing game provides high-intensity exercise for hip-hop dancers and non-dancers

Anthropometric variables and physical fitness characteristics of male South African semi-professional footballers

Lessons learned from gamification of a learning experience: a case study

Difference between visual-motor integration status of typically developed learners and learners with learning-related problems

Is social support during physical education lessons associated with body mass index status, gender and age?

Effect of a group multimodal anxiety management programme on competitive state anxiety and self-confidence of amateur golfers

Conceptual framework for strategic destination branding through leveraging home-grown sport events

Two-year changes in body composition, physical activity and selected metabolic risk factors among adolescents living in Tlokwe Municipality Area, North West Province, South Africa: the Pahl study

Patellar tendinopathy: an international e-Delphi perspective

Patellar tendinopathy: a rehabilitation intervention in elite rugby union players

Association between social capital and self-rated health in small and large secondary school classes in Croatia

Discriminative validity of a novel, high-intensity, netball-specific circuit test in elite female netball players

Adventure activity preferences in South African National Parks

Developing a measure of user-perceived universal design for sport facilities

Effects of a psychological skills training programme for underserved rugby union players

Prevention of hamstring injuries in sport: A systematic review

Satisfaction of Spanish High School students with physical education: gender, age, physical activity level and body type

Assessment of sprinting skill of soccer players based on straight and zig-zag sprint tests

Personality traits of competitive athletes according to type of pressure exerted on opponents

Causes of customer dropouts in fitness and wellness centres: A qualitative analysis

Personal and ecological factors in school sport: A multilevel approach

Muscular coordination of movements associated with arrow release in archery

Adaptation to physical activities by international students at a Russian University

“Soldiers of paint”: Relationship between leisure adventure combat sport and quality of life

Benefits and impact influencing support of participants and residents for road race events: a comparative study

Sport participation of female university students

Quantitative, qualitative and mixed research in sport science: a methodological report

Cultural preferences for visual and verbal communication styles in sport advertisements

Team cohesion and performance during a university soccer championship: two sides of the coin

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