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South African Journal of Sports Medicine

South African Journal of Sports Medicine

Negative self-appraisal mediates the relationship between mindfulness and confidence among adolescent female provincial hockey players in South Africa

The lateral batting backlift technique: is it a contributing factor to success for professional cricket players at the highest level?

The impact of a fast bowling spell on physiological, perceptual and performance responses in non-elite cricketers

The effect of the contract-relax-antagonist-contract (CRAC) stretch of hamstrings on range of motion, sprint and agility performance in moderately active males: A randomised control trial

Anterior knee pain and its extrinsic risk factors among runners in under-resourced communities in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng, South Africa

Musculoskeletal pain in wheelchair basketball players of different point classifications, in South Africa

Exploring the efficacy of low-level laser therapy and exercise for knee osteoarthritis

Evaluation of match-running distances covered by soccer players during the UEFA EURO 2016

Ketone body supplement label claims: what supplement has been supplemented?

A review of the biomechanical determinants of rugby scrummaging performance

The South African Rugby Union Youth Weeks Injury Surveillance Report 2018

The Currie Cup Premiership Competition Injury Surveillance Report 2014 - 2018

A tale of two sit-bones: The cyclist’s ischial hygroma (Perineal nodular induration)

Injury and illness profiles during the 2014 South African Ironman triathlon

Concussion knowledge and attitudes amongst Stellenbosch University hostel rugby players

A cross-sectional study of 2550 amateur cyclists shows lack of knowledge regarding relevant sports nutrition guidelines

Stress fracture of the thoracic spine in a male rugby player: a case report

The determinants of overweight/obesity and blood pressure in rural South African women living in the Tshino Nesengani (Mukondeleli) village

Anterior Cruciate ligament injuries of the knee:

The impact of anterior knee pain on the quality of life among runners in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng

Analysis of sport science perceptions and research needs among South African coaches

Male Academy rugby union student-athletes in-season physical anthropometrical and physical performance changes, and comparisons with available data

Physical performance analysis of elite soccer players during the extra-time periods of the 2016 UEFA Euro Championship

A four-week home-based exercise programme is effective in treating subacute low back pain in adults

A comparison of the physical demands of a one-day cricket game and the training sessions of provincial cricket players using Global Positioning System tracking software

Preventing the seemingly unpreventable – challenging the return-to-play criteria for recurrent hamstring strain prevention

Building a robust athlete in the South African high school system

Neurologist at ringside-to be or not to be?

Sacroiliac tuberculosis masquerading as mechanical lower back pain in a collegiate basketball athlete: a case presentation

The Currie Cup Premiership Competition Injury Surveillance Report 2014 - 2017

The use of negative pressure wave treatment in athlete recovery

Injury incidence and characteristics in South African school first team rugby: A case study

The forgotten coracoid: A case report of a coracoid fracture in a male cyclist

The prevalence, risk factors predicting injury and the severity of injuries sustained during competition in professional mixed martial arts in Africa

Targeting sedentary behaviour for behavioural change: Opportunities for new strategies

Concussion knowledge and attitudes among amateur South African rugby players

Gait retraining as part of the treatment programme for soldiers with exercise-related leg pain: preliminary clinical experiences and retention

A simulated rugby match protocol induces physiological fatigue without decreased individual scrummaging performance

A 12-week primary prevention programme and its effect on health outcomes (the Sweet Hearts biokinetics pilot study)

Ultrasound comparison of the effects of prehabilitation exercises and the scapular assistance test on the acromiohumeral distance

The influence of nationality and playing position on relative age effects in rugby union: A cross-cultural comparison.

Factors associated with lumbo-pelvic pain in recreational cyclists

Attitudes towards nutritional supplement use amongst adult gymnasium users in Johannesburg North

Neuroimaging in contact sports: Determining brain fitness before and after a bout

Case report: Pathological fracture of the manubrium sternum of unknown aetiology

Acute unilateral foot drop as a result of direct blunt trauma to the peroneal nerve in a professional mixed marital arts bout: A case report

Post-truth era and impact on the science associated with sport and exercise medicine

Posture and isokinetic shoulder strength in female water polo players

Experiences of psychosocial and programme-related barriers to recovery in lifestyle interventions for noncommunicable diseases

A survey of the attitudes and knowledge of parents of high school children on the East Rand on the usage of nutritional supplements

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