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South African Journal of Sociology

Die vrou as slagoffer van seksuele teistering in die werksituasie

Authors: A. Theron

Journal: South African Journal of Sociology

Women as victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. Women have been subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace since the Industrial Revolution. It was, however, not until the 1970s, when owing to the lobbying of feminist groups, prominent magazines started publishing articles about this phenomenon and the concept ‘sexual harassment’ was coined. Since the 1980s an increasing number of scientific studies have appeared. Despite the academic interest in sexual harassment knowledge about this problem is still limited. It is difficult to define this concept because women differ so much in their views about the kind of behaviour that constitutes sexual harassment and men and women also seem to hold different attitudes with regard to sexual harassment. Furthermore, researchers have to rely on theoretical models on which to base their research since a detailed theory has not yet been developed. Although research has shown which women are more inclined to be sexually harassed, in-depth studies of harassers are still lacking. On the basis of existing research it has, however, been possible for organizations to develop strategies for combating sexual harassment in the workplace.