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South African Journal of Sociology

Socio-economic factors affecting fertility in Kenya

Authors: I. Kalule-Sabiti

Journal: South African Journal of Sociology

This article is based on data from the Kenya Fertility Survey 1977f78. The article examines the socio-economic and cultural effects of both cumulative and recent fertility in Kenya using cross-tabulation analysis. The analysis has revealedmarkeddifferentials in fertility according to a woman's level of education. Women's education is also found to have a greater influence in restraining fertility than that of the husband. Women with S or moreyears of schooling, for instance, married to husbands of similaror a higher level of education have the smallestnumberof children. The fertility differential is even more marked according to rural-urban residence. Women residing in metropolitan centres (Nairobi and Mombasa) have markedly lower fertility than their counterparts in rural areas. Differentials in fertility according to other socio-economic factors, namelyresidential region, ethnic group and husband's occupation were not very apparent.