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South African Journal of Sociology

South African Journal of Sociology

A note on immigrants and religion in a South African city

Measures of redress: Defining disadvantage in a university access programme

A challenge of political transition in South Africa: majority vs minority rights

Die verband tussen teorie en empiriese feite en enkele metodologiese aspekte rakende die bepaling van kousaliteit

Sexuality among adolescents in rural and urban South Africa

Socio-religious change in South Africa

Die komplementariteit van plattelandse en stedelike ontwikkeling

Attitudes towards people with HIV/AIDS: Stigma and its determinants amongst young adults in Cape Town, South Africa

South African health care in change

Metodologiese vraagstukke by die verklaring van sosiale handeling

Beyond the opposition of individual and society, Part 1: Acknowledging the constitutive social function of being an individual and ‘de-totalizing’ the idea of ‘society’

‘Wat reg is, is reg’: 'n Inhoudsontleding van sosiologika by 'n kleurinsident

A new look at central city-suburban differences

Safe sex and constructions of young male sexuality in one semi-rural Western Cape community

The poverty of large numbers

Small-group behaviour in long-term isolation

Access to voluntary counselling and testing services: Perspectives of young people

Reply to Van Staden and Visser: Perhaps something more and something else happened in the SAJS of the 1980s

Armoede as subkultuur

Challenges Faced by Unemployed People in Lesotho: A Case of Manonyane Rural Community

Gender differences in the journal publication productivity of South African academic authors

The context of the development of Sociology in South Africa: A response to Visser and Van Staden

Die Sosioloog en eietydse maatskaplike vraagstukke: Waardebetrokkenheid en rolle

Gay Men’s Identity Negotiation Strategies within the Methodist Church of Southern Africa in Grahamstown, South Africa

Industrial restructuring, labour market segmentation and the temporary employment industry in Namibia

South African Sociology during the eighties as mirrored in the South African Journal of Sociology

Opleiding in die voorgraadse sosiologie

Navigating Black Identity: Self-Identification Strategies of Refugees in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Children ‘in need of care’ or in need of cash? Social security in the time of AIDS

The South African Journal of Sociology during the eighties: An analysis of theoretical and empirical contributions

Beyond the Narratives of Decolonization: Re-situating Sociological Knowledge within the Context of Development in South Africa

The South African police and the Truth Commission

Behoeftebepaling vir ontspanningsvoorsiening: 'n Praktiese benaderingswyse

A historical survey and assessment of research into race attitudes in South Africa: 1930–1975

Moving from Transactional Partnerships to Collaborative University Community Engagement: A Case Study Evaluating Creative Placemaking in KwaZulu-Natal Province

International assistance and focal pressures in the reform of policing: The case of the Eastern Cape

Age and the attitudes of South African Indians towards the employment of married women

Perspektiewe in die mediese sosiologie

South African Newspapers’ Constructions of the Caster Semenya Saga through Political Cartoons

A funny thing happened on the way to an integrated justice system

Huweliksintegrasie in die blanke dubbelinkomstegesin

Modernization or Westernization

Understanding the Role of Socio-Economic Factors in Fuelling Multiple Sexual Partnerships Among the Zulus in Contemporary South Africa

Strengthening democratic policing in South Africa through internal systems for officer control

Homoseksuele identiteitsvorming by 'n groep Suid-Afrikaanse mans

Navorsingsinligting en -Kommunikasie

Writing her in: an African Feminist Exploration into the Life Herstory Narrative of Dimakatso, a Woman Participant in the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) at Leratong Hospital in Gauteng, South Africa

Interpreting the Body Count: South African statistics on lethal police violence

Social change and the vocation of Sociologists

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