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South African Journal of Sociology

South African Journal of Sociology

Challenges to a formal private security industry-SAPS partnership: Lessons from the Western Cape

The home and family environment and its impact on school performance

Self-esteem, need-fulfilment and job satisfaction among coloured factory workers

Bring Your Own Device Adoption Readiness in a South African University

“You are a time bomb…” Ex-combatants in post-conflict South Africa

Aard en voorkoms van verskillende gesinstrukture in die samelewing

Reklame as Werktuig in Die Proses van Wisselwerking Tussen Die Bemarkings- en Verbruikersgroepe — 'n Bedryfsosiologiese Beskouing

Quality Education for All Using a Generic Mentoring Framework

Civil-military relations and arms procurement in South Africa: 1994–2002

Evaluasie van verhoudingsorganisasies in die wes-Kaap aan die hand van die kontakhipotese

University-community Partnerships: Demystifying the Process of Engagement

Sociology and the future: Resistance, reconstruction and democracy

Status of the self-report procedure in criminological research

Research report policy implications of school superintendents' attitudes toward community advisement and control

Indigenous Knowledge, Food Production and Food Security in Rural Khambashe in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

Sociology in South Africa: Its past, present and future

Social structure and non-formal educational needs of urban communities

Sosiologie of Ideologie?

A Relational View of San Poverty in Botswana: A Case Study of Khwee and Sehunong

Public sociology: South African dilemmas in a global context

Attitudes towards leisure and the desegregation of recreational facilities: A social survey

A sociological assessment of economic incentives for industrial pollution abatement

The unmet need for worker centres in South Africa: results of community advice office survey

In defence of South African sociology

Childcare: A study of white married couples with young children

Mobiliteitstraagheid Als Factor in Buurtvorming. Een Gevalstudie in Winschoten

Service delivery and the war within: Wentworth, Durban, South Africa

Sociological dilemmas in a local context

Some attitudes of Portuguese immigrants to South Africa regarding re-migration

Sosiologiese Probleme in Verband Met Regionale Ontwikkeling

‘I play with the baby so that people can see that I'm a man’: Young fathers' involvement in the first 1 000 days of a child's life in South Africa

The National Research Foundation and priorities for critical research

Attitudes of white South African students towards the married working woman

The ‘semi-legitimate” in the perspective of anomie-illustration from an Israeli case

Teenage pregnancy in South Africa: Setting a new research agenda

“Your health is our duty, our commitment, our life's work”: Pharmacists in South Africa claim new ground

Sociodemographic correlates of the timing of family formation in Ghana

Die Objek Van Die Kunssosiologie: 'N Radikale Analise

The pedagogy of ‘coming out’: Teacher identity in a critical literacy course

Progress in teaching Sociology: From cognitive skills to hermeneutics and phronesis

Political education and socialization: A comparative perspective at two Afrikaans universities

Die Rolkonsep Gesien Vanuit Organisasie-Perspectief

Being a moffie with toxic parents - An autoethnography of bullying and coming out

Coming out on a South African university campus: Adaptations of gay men and lesbians

Ideological constraints on research method — a discussion based on a study in Port Elizabeth

Knelpunte in Die Hedendaagse Westerse Gesin

Practicalities of the National Development Plan: prospects and challenges, using the rural economy as a case study

Community policing: ‘Cherry pie’ or melktert?

George Herbert Mead and Alfred Schutz: a cautious epistemological comparison

Die Strategiese Posisie van Demografiese Veranderlikes in Ontwikkeling, Met Spesifieke Verwysing na Die 1974 Wêreldbevolkingskonferensie te Boekarest

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