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South African Journal of Sociology

Exploring ‘juju’ and human trafficking: towards a demystified perspective and response

Private policing in South Africa: The Cape Town city improvement district — pluralisation in practice

Sosiologiese navorsing in die derde wêreld: probleme, uitdagings en prioriteite

Zero Groeikoers: Implementering van 'n Doelwit

Family in a changing South Africa: structures, functions and the welfare of members

Multi-choice policing in Africa: Is the continent following the South African pattern?

Beroepsarbeid van die getroude vrou: Afrikaanse dogters se hooding en toekomsvisie

Blanke Hoëvlakmannekrag

‘Why do they need to punish you more?’: Women’s lives after imprisonment

Introduction: Diversity in policing: Multi-agency frameworks and strategies in South Africa

Politieke verandering en die sosialisering van Afrikaanse studente: 'n gevallestudie

Enkele Fasette Van Ons Bevolkings- En Verhoudingsprobleme

Checkmating the mate: power relations and domestic violence in a South African township

Female students' views of their Afrikaner identity

Fear of crime among the South African public

Openingsrede:1975 Kongres Van Die Suid-Afrikaanse Sosiologiese Vereniging 22 Januarie 1975

Defenders of the woods? Women and the complex dynamics of a worker-peasantry in western Zimbabwe

Approaches to multilinguaiism in language planning and identity politics. A critique

Exploring the marital histories of some white South Africans

Maar Nie Met Iemand van 'n Ander Kleur Nie — Regverdigings vir Wette Teen Intieme Verhoudings Oor Die Kleurgrens

Sociological Perspectives on Social Cohesion as the Principal Requirement for Social Stability

Introducing social theory to first year sociology students phronetically

Wit-Swart kommunikasie onder verskiIIende houdingstoestande

Subculturr, Microcultuur En Macrocultuur een Poging Tot Begripsafgrenzing

Agba, ajobi and ajogbe as Structures of Vigilantism among the Egba People of Nigeria

The influence of academic environments on the transition from project imagery to project practice: The case of the Lehurutshe Rural Development Project, North West Province, South Africa

Invisible barriers: Attitudes toward women in South Africa

Die Teoretiese en Metodologiese Verband Tussen Sosiologie van Die Kerk en Teologie

Silence and Invisibility: Exploring Labour Strategies of Zimbabwean Farmworkers in Musina, South Africa

Profile of doctoral awards in South Africa: A case study of the 1996 university cohort

Privatisering van gesondheidsorg: 'n Skeptiese stellingname

Kultuurkonflik eEn Misdaad by Kleurlinge

Socio-Demographic Correlates of Volunteerism among Undergraduate Students at North-West University, South Africa

The state-sponsored and centralised institutionalisation of an academic discipline: Sociology in South Africa, 1920–1970

Directionality in human behaviour

Die Stedelike Ontwikkelingsproses en Die Suid-Afrikaanse Boeregemeenskap

How Eritreans in South Africa Talk about Their Refugee Experiences: A Discursive Analysis

Policing Ethnography

Elitisme: Probleme rakende definiëring en operasionalisering

The sociologist in town planning practice

South Africa’s Community Work Programme as Social Entrepreneurship: A Sociological Perspective

‘Non-racialism’ in the struggle against apartheid

Phenomenological problem in social research

Enkele Implikasies van Hoëdigtheidsbewoning: Resente Bevindings

“Because They Are Me”: Dress and the Making of Gender

Class and citizenship in contemporary South Africa

Onderliggende eenheid binne sosiologiese paradigma-verskeidenheid?

Enkele Sosiologiese Veranderlikes in Stadsbeplanning

Comparing Migration Data from Post-Apartheid Censuses: A Challenge for Longitudinal Research

An eclectic selection of Internet resources for the study of globalisation

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