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South African Journal of Sociology

‘Children, families and the conundrum about men’: Exploring factors contributing to father absence in South Africa and its implications for social and care policies

Is it meaningful to juxtapose “individual” and “society”?

Re-exploring feminist methodology

Alienation from work: An empirical study with white and coloured white-collar workers in South Africa

‘What can I do, the child is already here?’ Caregivers, gender, poverty and the contradiction of care in supporting teenage mothers at school

Satirical opposition in popular music within Apartheid and Post-Apartheid South Africa

Residential immobility — the case of tenants in ‘outhouses’

Sociologie en maatschappikjritiek

Parental ‘coming out’: The journeys of black South African mothers through their personal narratives

Anti-globalisation organisation as a fourth generation people's movement

Formal women's studies in pursuit of feminism

Theorie van de samenleving

Human rights: Protecting sexual minorities or reinforcing the boundaries of ‘the closet’?

Black South Africans do live in nuclear family households — a response to Russell

Die mediese sosioloog en gesondheidsorgnavorsing: die dilemmas van toeganklikheid en orientasie tot die navorsingterrein

De emancipatie van de Gereformerden; sociologische bijdrage tot oe verklaring van enige kenmerken van het huidige gereformeerde volksdeel

Relationships, intimacy and desire in the lives of lesbian, gay and bisexual youth in South Africa

A ‘secret history’ of local mourning: The South African War and state commemoration

Die vrou as slagoffer van seksuele teistering in die werksituasie

Sociologie van de zotheid; de humor als social verschijinsel

Crossing over, coming out, blending in: A trans interrogation of the closet

From the “high ground” of policy to “the swamp” of professional practice: The challenge of diversity in teaching labour studies

Bound by language: Homogamous marriages among a sample of White South Africans

The reference group basis of racial altitudes: An empirical study with white and black Rhodesians

‘The closet’: A dangerous heteronormative space

No room for manoeuvre: Does ‘best value’ provide a better deal for workers in UK local government?

Plaaslike bestuur in hedendaagse Suid-Afrika: ’n Sosiologiese evaluering

Die Eise Wat die Praktyk Aan Die Beroepsosioloog Stel

Deconstructing the closet: A sociological reading of Tendai Huchu’s novel, The Hairdresser of Harare

Recasting labour studies in the new millennium

Plaaslike bestuur in hedendaagse Suid-Afrika: 'n Sosiologiese evaluering / Local government in contemporary South Africa: A sociological evaluation

Die Rolvan Universitêre Opleiding in die Professionalisering Van die Sosiologie in Suid-Afrika

Labour-burdened women utilising their marginalised indigenous knowledge in food production processes: The case of Khambashe rural households, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Decline and renewal in the British labour movement: Trends, practices and lessons for South Africa

’n Herformulering van die grondslae van die kritiese sosiologie

Die vraag na en aanbod van sosioloé

Fathers who care and those that don’t: Men and childcare in South Africa

Contesting the dinosaur image — the U. S. labour movement's search for a future

'n Herformulering van die grondslae van die kritiese sosiologie / A rewording of the foundations of critical sociology

Die professionaliseerbaarheid van die sosiologie

Resilience and whistleblowers: Coping with the consequences

Recent developments in U.S. collective bargaining and employment practices

Bridging the gap between theory and practice: A critical perspective of medical sociology within the Southern African context

'N sosiologies-demografiese perspektief op enkele basiese ontwikkelingsprobleme van onderontwikkelde gemeenskappe

The (de)professionalisation of the gay male academic identity: Locking the closet door on South African university campuses

Introduction: Labour studies in transition

’n Sosiologiese beredenering van die siekte/afwykende gedrag kontroverse

Die begrip kultuur

Romantic relationships and loneliness in a group of South African postgraduate students

Reflections on the South African HIV/AIDS epidemic

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