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Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies

Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies

The effect of input enhancement and elaboration techniques on learning discourse markers: A gender role study

A case study of teaching English as a second language in three rural primary classes

A comparison of text difficulty in systemic assessment using Lexile theory

Assessment of communicative modes used by engineering and built environment professionals

Core vocabulary intervention for an isiXhosa-English speaking child with speech sound difficulties

On the morphology of Degema modifier, demonstrative and interrogative nominals

Dynamic assessment to improve students’ summary writing skill in an ESP class

Pre-task planning and explicit instruction: Effects on CALF in an oral jigsaw task and gains in linguistic knowledge

Book Review: Social Semiotics – Key Figures, New Directions

Valency-decreasing derivations and quasi-middles in Bantu: A typological perspective

The neuter in Manda, with a focus on its reinterpretation as passive

The polysemy of the neuter extension -ik in Citumbuka (N21) and Citonga (N15)

On the origins of passive allomorphy in Cuwabo (Bantu P34)

Change-of-state paradigms and the middle in Kinyarwanda

Complexities of intercultural writing process of budding multilingual writers

Language learning applications for Sepedi: a user experience study

The differential predictive validity of a test of academic literacy for students from different English language school backgrounds

A multidimensional analysis of L1–L2 differences across three advanced levels

Power, literacy engagement, and polyphonic identities: Translanguaging in a Tanzanian community library

Yes Master! Multimodal representations of BDSM bodies on a South African website

Book Review: Ecolinguistics: Language, Ecology and the Stories We Live By

“Our academics are intellectually colonised”: Multi-languaging and Fees Must Fall

The language question at a historically Afrikaans university: Access and social justice issues

South African higher education language politics post #RhodesMustFall: The terrain of advanced language politics

A textual analysis of the African language expressions used during the #RhodesMustFall campaign

A reflection on language politics at Nelson Mandela University

Communicative rationality in conflicted language ecologies post #RhodesMustFall at the University of the Free State

Book Review: The Routledge Handbook of Systemic Functional Linguistics

Translanguaging and orthographic harmonisation: A cross-lingual reading literacy in a Johannesburg school

Students’ underachievement in English-medium subjects: The case of secondary school in Zanzibar

The rhetorical structure of students’ legal problem essays: Towards a systemic comparison of student texts

A reflection on linguistic knowledge for teachers of English in multilingual contexts

Reading between the lines: Hegemonic favouring within language-related communities

Sintaktiese patroonmatighede in advertensietaal

Obstacles to post-apartheid language policy implementation: Insights from language policy experts

Collocative meaning in the Igbo language

Exploring stance and listener alignment in public discourse

A critical review of two translated isiXhosa children’s texts

Phonological variation of the present progressive aspect marker -tu- in Malawian Tonga: A prosodic analysis

Book Review: Classroom Writing Assessment and Feedback in L2 School Contexts

The distribution of verb tenses and modals in journal articles’ abstracts

Attitudes of University of Botswana Faculty of Humanities students towards minority languages

Linguistic construct of songs of the Ham of Nigeria: A genre analysis

Translation and identity: Translation of the Freedom Charter into Afrikaans as a case in point

Appropriate assessment of English language competency for South African teachers-in-training

Relationships among motivation (self-efficacy and task value), strategy use and performance in L2 writing

A cognitive analysis of metaphor in Shona terminological dictionaries

The role of linguistic context in children’s interpretation and acquisition of Cicewa idiomatic expressions: A systemic functional linguistics approach

Case studies as pedagogy for reading development within a vocational education context

The generic structures and lexico-grammaticality in English academic research papers

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