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Leucomelanoderma in blacks

Hematologiese, bloedbiochemiese en sekere kliniese aspekte van tuberkulose by die bantoe

Acute dehydrating gastro-enteritis undernourished infants

Clinical evaluation of indoramin as the sole agent for the treatment of hypertension

Some implications of current therapy leukaemia

Cytogenetics in medical practice

Psychotherapy in general practice

Programmering van die brein

Whither Paediatric Surgery?

Syndrome of continuous muscle fibre activity

Methyldopa combined with prindolol in the treatment of severe hypertension

A double-blind gastroscopic study of a bismuth-peptide complex in gastric ulceration

The role of releasing hormones in the diagnosis of hypopituitarism

Haemodilution with a plasma expander as priming solution in cardiopulmonary

Recovery on rewarming after hypothermic hyperglycaemia

Bilateral retrobulbar air after surgical emphysema

The reality of spatial variations of morbidity and mortality

A clinical delineation of Tachyphemia (cluttering)

To intervene or not to intervene?

Nutritional status of young school-going and pre-school children

Studies on Sugar intake and overweight in South African black and white schoolchildren

Relationship between pica and iron nutrition in Johannesburg black adults

Diet and atherosclerosis

Some sociological aspects of nutrition and development in South Africa

The vital importance to South Africa of food production by the white agricultural sector

The influence of agricultural development on the nutritional status of homeland populations

Plants gathered as foodstuffs by the Transkeian peoples

Growth-suppressing and related effects on rats of unextracted and ethanol-extracted grains of certain sorghum cultivars

The effect of zinc deficiency on deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis in rat liver

Seasonal variation in serum ascorbic acid and serum lipid composition of free-living baboons (Papio ursinus)

Elke teater benodig 'n bidet

Serological survey of toxoplasmosis Transvaal

Supracondylar fractures of the humerus in children

The role of the clinical chemistry service

Multicentric chemodectomata at high altitude

Tracheobronchomegaly: The Mounier-Kuhn syndrome

Diverse neurological manifestations of lead encephalopathy

The effects of music therapy on a group of institutionalised mentally retarded boys

Die dokter-pasient rolverwantskap

A study of associated factors, including genital herpes, in black women with cervical carcinoma in Johannesburg

Health care of children

Medical genetics in clinical practice

Prevention of folate deficiency by food fortification

Burns epidemic

Filtered music: A hearing test for young children

Neurogenic changes in myasthenia gravis

Pre-excitation of the right branch of the bundle of his

Erosions of the petrous temporal bone

Symptomatic porphyria

Cerebral mycotic aneurysm

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