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Southern Forests: a Journal of Forest Science

Southern Forests: a Journal of Forest Science

Remote sensing of forest health and vitality: a South African perspective

Growth and biomass partitioning of nine provenances of Quillaja saponaria seedlings to water stress

Allometric equations from a non-destructive approach for biomass prediction in natural forest and plantation in West Africa

Effects of pruning on the concentration of secondary metabolites in Colophospermum mopane leaves

Use of Landsat multi-temporal imagery to assess secondary growth Miombo woodlands in Luanshya, Zambia

Developing a taper model for the Pinus elliottii × P. caribaea var. hondurensis hybrid in South Africa

Land-use impacts on the composition and diversity of the Baikiaea– Guibourtia–Pterocarpus woodlands of north-western Zimbabwe

Mixed-effect non-linear modelling for diameter estimation along the stem of Tectona grandis in mid-western Brazil

Landscape pattern changes over 25 years across a hotspot zone in southern Brazil

Effects of density and structure on production in the communal forests of the Mexican Sierra Madre Occidental

The bionomics of whitegrub species (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) affecting commercial forestry re-establishment in representative areas of the South African summer-rainfall region

Improved parameters of Pinus greggii seedling growth and health after inoculation with ectomycorrhizal fungi

An irrigation control system with a web-based interface for the management of Eucalyptus planting stock in a nursery

Lesion size induced by Chrysoporthe fungal pathogens varies between Eucalyptus species and geographic locations in Zambia

Allometric models for estimation of aboveground biomass of Gmelina arborea Roxb. in pulpwood plantations of Bangladesh

Socio-economic determinants of smallholder plantation sizes in Ghana and options to encourage reforestation

Trait variations in 28-year-old teak ( Tectona grandis ) provenance field trials in Ghana, West Africa

High genetic diversity of Fusarium circinatum associated with the first outbreak of pitch canker on Pinus patula in South Africa

Development and validation of a stem volume equation for Cupressus lusitanica in Gergeda Forest, Ethiopia

An artificial inoculation protocol for Uromycladium acaciae , cause of a serious disease of Acacia mearnsii in southern Africa

Sawn-timber and kraft pulp properties of Pinus elliottii × Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis and Pinus patula × Pinus tecunumanii hybrids and their parental species

A productivity model for first thinning of Pinus patula using a tractor and double-drum winch in South Africa

Dissimilar stem and leaf hydraulic traits suggest varying drought tolerance among co-occurring Eucalyptus grandis × E. urophylla clones

Monitoring Victoria’s public forests: implementation of the Victorian Forest Monitoring Program

Wood anatomical and chemical properties related to the pulpability of Eucalyptus globulus : a review

Realised genetic gains and estimated genetic parameters of two Eucalyptus grandis × E. urophylla hybrid breeding strategies

Fungi and insects associated with Euphorbia ingens die-off in South Africa

Volume estimation of Cryptomeria japonica logs in southern Brazil using artificial intelligence models

Role of site in the mortality and production of Acacia mangium plantations in Indonesia

Harvesting and extraction impacts on Eucalyptus grandis × E. urophylla coppicing potential and rotation-end volume in Zululand, South Africa

A first-approximation simple dynamic growth model for forest teak plantations in Gujarat state of India

Genotypic variation in tree growth and selected flavonoids in leaves of Cyclocarya paliurus

Assessment of enrichment planting of teak ( Tectona grandis ) in degraded dry deciduous dipterocarp forest in the Central Highlands, Vietnam

Single-tree water use and water-use efficiencies of selected indigenous and introduced species in the Southern Cape region of South Africa

A synthesis on the impact of non-native conifer plantations on ant and beetle diversity in north-western Patagonia

Chemical characteristics of woods from several Chilean native forest species and their relationship with nanomechanical cell properties

Alternative pine hybrids and species to Pinus patula and P. radiata in South Africa and Swaziland

Effect of tree spacing on growth and wood density of 38-year-old Cariniana legalis trees in Brazil

Factors influencing the production of structural plywood in Tasmania, Australia from Eucalyptus nitens rotary peeled veneer

Whole-tree sap flow responses to soil water and weather variables for Pinus radiata and three indigenous species in a southern afrotemperate forest region

Mapping tree aboveground biomass and carbon in Omo Forest Reserve Nigeria using Landsat 8 OLI data

Radial variation of wood properties in Neolamarckia cadamba trees from an East Java community forest

A decision support tool approach based on the Electre TRI-B method for the valorisation of tropical timbers from the Congo Basin: an application for glulam products

A comparison of diameter distribution models for Khaya ivorensis A.Chev. plantations in Brazil

Communities’ perceptions of benefit-sharing mechanisms for forest-based land reform models in South Africa

The use of field and artificial freezing studies to assess frost tolerance in natural populations of Pinus oocarpa

Index selection for growth and construction wood properties in Pinus elliottii open-pollinated families in southern China

Carbon stocks and productivity of mangrove forests in Tanzania

Secondary Nothofagus dombeyi forests: site index curves and dominant height in the Coastal Range of south-central Chile

Rotation-end financial performance of vegetation control on Eucalyptus smithii in South Africa

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