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Scientia Militaria

Scientia Militaria

The Dutch Strategic and Operational Approach in the Indonesian War of Independence, 1945-1949

The First World War on the Periphery: The Effect of the Environment on British Soldiers in German East Africa, 1914-1918

Michael Davitt's Wartime Visit to South Africa (March-May 1900) and its Consequences

China’s Policy on Development and Security in East Africa

The Influence of Rankism on the Ethical Competence of Student Nurses in a Military Context

Behavioural-Based Assessments in the Special Forces Environment: A Procedural Review

1 Recce - The Night Belongs to Us

Afrikaner Odyssey: The Life and Times of the Reitz Family

Hitmen for Hire: Exposing South Africa's Underworld

The International Association for Military Geosciences: A History to 2017

Officers of 42nd geological section, South African Engineer Corps: Geologists and geophysicists who created a unique unit that supported the British Army during the Second World War

Sonderkommando Dora – Special Military Geoscientific Unit of the German Counter-Intelligence Sevice in North Africa 1942

Military Environmental Literacy in the South African Army

Castles in the Clouds: LiDAR for Historical Study and Terrain Analysis

Airborne Assault on Corregidor: A Study in Weather, Terrain, and Cultural Landscapes

Military Use Of Environmental Degradation by Islamic State, Northern Iraq

The Role of Geomorphic Controls on the development of defensive networks along the Western Front during the Great War: Case study of Champagne and Argonne (France)

Chemical and Lead Isotope characterisation of First World War shrapnel balls and bullets used on the Alpine Austrian–Italian Front

50 must-see geological sites in South Africa

Field guide to the battlefields of South Africa

Military Law practitioners and academic discourse: A Sine Qua Non for developing Military Law

The role of the military in combating human trafficking: A South African perspective

Powers of the South African National Defence Force to enforce South African law at sea

The Strategic Corporal Revisited: Challenges facing combatants in 21st-Century warfare

Military trade unions: A threat to national security …. Really?

National Security and the constitutional right to join military trade unions: Is constitutional amendment an imperative?

A laws of war review of contemporary land-based missile defence system ‘Iron Dome’

Military involvement in post-conflict transformation in African Peace-Building

The evolution of Islamic State’s strategy

The interplay between national interest and Idealism regarding Sweden’s Gripen exports

The brutality of war: A perspective on the actions of Olaf Bergh’s black scouts at Smaldeel during the South African War (1899-1902)

A manoeuvre warfare analysis of South Africa’s 1914-1915 German South West African campaign

A proposed typology of the military bully

Composite Warfare: The conduct of successful ground force operation in Africa

Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War

Black Hawks Rising: The Story of Amisom’s Successful War against Somali insurgents, 2007-2014

South Africa and the Search for Strategic Effect in the Central African Republic

Russia’s Hybrid War and its implications for Defence and Security in the United Kingdom

Private Military and Security Companies policy in Africa: Regional policy stasis as Agency in international politics

The Springboks in East Africa: The role of 1 SA Survey Company (SAEC) in the East African Campaign of World War II, 1940-1941

A Re-assessment of the German armaments production during World War II

Development in Adversity: South Africa’s Defence Industrial Participation in Perspective

A far-away war: Angola, 1975–1989. Ian Liebenberg, Jorge Risquet and Vladimir Shubin (Eds)

Mobility conquers: The story of 61 Mechanised Battalion Group 1978–2005. Willem Steenkamp and Helmoed-Römer Heitman

Military Psychology for Africa. GAJ van Dyk

South Africa Mobilises: The First Five Months of the War

The War on War League: A South African Pacifist Movement, 1914-1915

Go Spy Out the Land: Intelligence Preparations for World War I in South West Africa

Recording the Great War: military archives and the South African official history programme, 1914-1939

‘Stumbling on Civvy Street’: The re-adjustment of white South African war veterans to life in post-war society, 1918-1928

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