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Sophia: An African Journal of Philosophy

Sophia: An African Journal of Philosophy

Aristotelian reconstruction of the concept of personal identity

Revaluating Fletcher’s situation ethics within the confines of truthfulness in medical ethics

Ethical issues in the application of genetic engineering

Logical and mathematical foundations of truth value patterns on statement constants columns of truth tables

Anarchism and the nature of man: a philosophical appraisal

Gender differences in attitude towards mathematics in Nigerian secondary schools

Efik women in political activism: echoes from the Calabar Market Women Revolt of 1925

Natural law theory and its implications for human rights in Nigeria

Religion and gender: challenges to development in Africa

Myths and the evolution ot science

Policy consistency and the achievement of Nigeria’s foreign policy goals: Nigeria participation in the Africa peacekeeping initiative of Somalia in view

Safeguarding our environment: insight from an African environmental ethical approach

Physician/patient relationship: any limit to confidentiality?

The common good and political stability in Nigeria: philosophical reflections

Prudence as basis for economic excellence and national development: the Aristotelian paradigm

Religious scepticism and the positisvists’ categorical mistake: an epistemological response

Economic factor as the central motive of British imperialism in Africa, 1800 – 1900: the Nigerian experience

Educational significance of an algebraic function for the permutation of truth table columns

The morality of Xenotransplantation procedure: a case for animals

“Moral dualism” in Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince : a critical analysis

Postmodernism, phenomenology and afriphenomenology

Heidegger and Gadamer on hermeneutics: a comparative study

The African novel and the city: a reading of Zaynab Alkali’s The Initiates

Epistemology and education: locating a cynosure and creating a nexus for authentic national development

‘Whistle-blowing’ and the quandary of policy implementation in Nigeria

John Rawls’ original position: a model for socio-political retooling of Nigeria

Revisiting Aristotle’s causality: model for development in Nigeria

A critique of artificial intelligence

Commonwealth of nations: Living memories

An existential analysis of genetic engineering and human rights treatises

Assassinating political opposition: An "Albatross" and aberration-the Cross River example

Restoring the balance: An African perspective on justice

Ethico-epistemological implications of artificial intelligence for humanity

An appraisal of moral realism

Ethical relativism and same-sex marriage

The lacuna in positivist-phenomenology

Aspects of syntactic selections as style in Zaynab Alkali's the descendants

Pythagoras did not coin the word "Philosophia" (By extension and implication; Pythagoras never existed)

The response of Baruch Spinoza to the fundamental question of philosophy

The status of a slave in aristotle's Polis : A philosophical analysis

The United Nations sanctions against insurgents in Nigeria: An appraisal

Re-enacting the relevance of the moral codes of the un-shrined gods of Igbo Imabana Nation: The significance for socio-cultural development

Moral education and Nigeria's development

The search for identity in Bessie Head's Maru

Child labour and forced marriage: Modern slavery in Nigeria

Evolutionary biology and the determinants of morality 2

Ethical naturalism and same sex marriage

An examinination of globalization from an ethical point of view

The imperative of a new social contract through the technology of mind

An evaluation of ethical naturalism

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