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Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics Plus

Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics Plus

An analysis of metaphorical idioms in South African Indian English

Mind the Gap: Towards Determining Which Collocations to Teach

Definition and design: aligning language interventions in education

Extended exponence in isiNdebele morphology

Are dialects markers of ethnic identity? The case of Setswana dialects and ethnic groups

Validating the performance standards set for language assessments of academic readiness: The case of Stellenbosch University

Meeting them halfway: Altering language conventions to facilitate human-robot interaction

China Town as a multilingual workplace

A pseudo-consecutive non-canonical serial verb construction in isiXhosa

A heuristic framework for voice instruction at the doctoral level

Recontextualisation and reappropriation of social and political discourses in toilet graffiti at the University of the Western Cape

Translating Yemeni cartoons into English: A Systemic Functional Linguistics approach

Stabilising determinants in the transmission of phonotactic systems: Diachrony and acquisition of coda clusters in Dutch and Afrikaans

Voorkeurstrategieë in die Noord-Sotho-vertaling van Terminologie van het tolken

Speaker’s reference, semantic reference and public reference

High tone lowering and raising in Tsua

A comparative study of depression in Bantu, Khoisan and Chinese Wu – laryngeal settings and feature specifications

Negation of subject with nominal modifiers in Sesotho

ATR vowel harmony in Ateso

Using multimodal pedagogies in writing centres to improve student writing

Die waarde van Akteur-Netwerk-Teorie en ’n etnografiese navorsingstrategie vir die ondersoek van opvoedkundige tolking aan die Universiteit Stellenbosch

Die wisselwerking tussen teorie en praktyk in die ontwerp van ’n kurrikulum met transtaling as kernkomponent

Op pad na optimale ondersteuning vir akademiese geletterdhede: Die strewe na beter belyning tussen teorie en praktyk

Equitable multilingualism? The case of Stellenbosch University Writing Laboratory

The loyalty of the literary reviser: Author, source text, target text or reader?

Taalbeleidshersiening en die ontplanning van Afrikaans aan die Universiteit van die Vrystaat

Assessing spoken-language educational interpreting: Measuring up and measuring right

Van tematiese na alfabetiese na tematiese ordening in woordeboeke – wisselwerking tussen teorie en praktyk

Evaluating Four Readability Formulas For Afrikaans

It may be copyrighted, but it still needs help: Improving research questionnaires by means of intralingual translation

‘Hopeful’ directions for writing centres in South Africa: From safe spaces to transitional sites of articulating practice

Kernstappe vir kwaliteitbestuur in die vertaalbedryf en in akademiese vertaalkantore

The subjective use of postural verb in Afrikaans (I): Evolution from progressive to modal

The subjective use of postural verbs in Afrikaans (II): A corpus analysis of CPV en in Zefrikaans

The perfective and the imperfective aspects in Xhosa

What the giant tells us about agreeing post-verbal subjects in Xhosa

Resolving verbal reduplication paradoxes in Malawian Tonga

A perfect end: A study of syllable codas in South African Sign Language

Distribution of conjunctive and disjunctive forms in Xitsonga

Hiatus resolution in Xitsonga

Language ideologies and the politics of language in post-colonial Africa

Multilingualism and the language curriculum in South Africa: contextualising French within the local language ecology

Deconstructing and re-inventing the concept of multilingualism: A case study of the Mauritian sociolinguistic landscape

Youth discourse in multilingual Mauritius: The pragmatic significance of swearing in multiple language

Left Dislocation: a typological overview

On establishing coreference in Left Dislocation constructions

A functional profile of Left Dislocation in Biblical Hebrew

Left Dislocation in North-Eastern Neo-Aramaic dialects

Left Dislocation in Arabic: The complexity of form and meaning

The mosaic evolution of Left Dislocation in Xhosa

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