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Savannah Veterinary Journal

Oxidative stress involvement in chronic chlorpyrifos-induced hepatocellular injury: Alleviating effect of vitamin C

Gonadal and extragonadal sperm reserves in the African sideneck Turtle (Pelusios castaneus)

Detection of Coxiella burnetii antibodies among humans and slaughtered ruminants in Jalingo abattoir, Nigeria

Haemato-biochemical changes following inhalational exposure to commercial grade pyrethroid mixture in male Wistar rats

Comparative effects of dexamethasone on gravid uteri histology and immunoreactivity in sheep and goats

Risk perceptions and preventive preparedness towards avian influenza (H5N1) at live bird markets in North-central Nigeria: Public health implications

Ascorbic acid influenced respiratory and drinking responses in pack donkeys during harmattan

Baseline haematological, serum biochemical and some urine parameters in Nigerian indigenous dogs

Prevalence of Anaplasma ovis and its effects on haematology of apparently healthy Sahel goats in Maiduguri, Nigeria: A Preliminary study

Editorial Comments: Introduction

Salmonella transmission in poultry farms: The roles of rodents, lizards and formites

Prevalence of clinical conditions observed in small animals presented at veterinary clinics in Southern Nigeria

Arginine – an essential amino acid found in Ganoderma species from Northern Nigeria

A retrospective study of the prevalence of canine surgical cases in Delta State, Nigeria

Maternal recognition of pregnancy in some domestic animals: A review

Prevalence of ticks and haemoparasitic infections in dogs presented at the University of Ilorin Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Effect of propofol on the haematological profile of pregnant Red Sokoto does

Proptosis in a Nigerian indigenous bitch: A case report

Vimentin expression profiles in the testis and epididymis of prepubertal to aged African greater cane rat (Thryonomys swinderianus)

Effect of vivisection on haematobiochemical parameters of experimental dogs: Towards improved animal welfare

Foetal wastages and some gross reproductive abnormalities in small ruminants slaughtered at Dogarawa slaughter slab Zaria, Kaduna State

Hypoglycaemic activity and cardiac autonomic neuropathy amelioration of neem in alloxan-induced diabetic Wistar rats

Effects of aqueous seed extract of Moringa oleifera (L) on haematology, gonadotropins and testosterone profiles of Yankasa rams

Sensorimotor changes following acute exposure to carbamazepine and phenytoin in male Wistar rats

Therapeutic efficacy of isometamidium chloride in the treatment of Trypanosoma congolense infection in Sokoto Red bucks

The effects of feeding graded levels of whole cottonseed on weekly weights, scrotal circumference, testicular and epididymal sperm reserves of Red Sokoto Bucks

Histopathological changes in liver and kidney of sharptooth catfish fed on cooked Jatropha curcas seedmeal based diets

Prevalence of Newcastle Disease Diagnosed at the Avian Clinic, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria: A retrospective survey

Gross pathological diagnosis of pygomelia in association with other anomalies in a 3-week old Chick-layer

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