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Tanzania Journal of Forestry and Nature Conservation

Tanzania Journal of Forestry and Nature Conservation

Genetic variation, structure and conservation status of Terminalia arjuna L. (Arjun) in Achanakmar Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve (AABR), Central India

The effects of pre-germination treatments and soil media on seed germination and seedling growth of Tamarind (Tamarindus indica (Linn) in Katsina State, Nigeria

Establishment potential of Elgon Olive (Olea welwitschii (Knobl.) Gilg & Schellenb) seedlings propagated using stem cuttings and seeds

Financing for adaptation to climate change and variability in Tanzania: Evidence from smallholder farmers in Dodoma and Pwani Regions

Biomass and carbon stock estimation of five selected tree species in a secondary forest at Obafemi Awolowo University Campus, Ile-Ife, Nigeria

The effect of pre-treatment and storage conditions on the germination potential of Albizia lebbeck (l.) Benth. and A. odoratissima (l.f.) Benth. seeds

Effect of rooting media and indole-3-butyric acid concentrations on regeneration potential of Elgon Olive (Olea welwitschii (Knobl.) Gilg & Schellenb) stem cuttings

Spatial and temporal dynamics of land use and land cover in and around Magamba Nature Forest Reserve, Lushoto, Tanzania

A tree girdling beetle in Korogwe District: its potential risk to Eucalyptus plantations and woodlots in Tanzania

Medicinal use, spatial distribution, DBH, ethnobotanical importance, trees

Impact of traditional beekeeping on Mgori Village Land Forest Reserve in Singida District, Tanzania

Variation of basic density and fibre length in Lonchocarpus capassa (Rolfe) wood from Kilosa District, Tanzania

REDD+ piloting in Tanzania: The village as an arena for defining and defending local and national interests

The role of on-farm trees as an adaptation strategy to climate change effects around Mkingu Nature Forest Reserve in the Eastern Arc Mountains, Tanzania

Some physical and strength properties of immature Pinus patula trees harvested in Iringa and Njombe regions, Tanzania

Nutrient content of dried leaves of Zanthoxylum chalybeum Engl. growing in semi-arid areas of Iringa region, Tanzania

Assessment of household charcoal consumption in urban areas: the case of Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania

Identification of suitable income generating activities to reduce pressure on Ruvu North Forest Reserve from surrounding communities

Water use by Eucalypt Clones Growing at Kongowe, Kibaha, Tanzania

Floristic Composition, Tree Canopy Structure and Regeneration in a Degraded Tropical Humid Rainforest in Southwest Nigeria

Assessment of fire prevalence and reduction strategies in Miombo woodlands of Eastern Tanzania

Species Richness and Diversity Reveal that Human-Modified Environments are not Wastelands

Willingness of Herbal Medicine Practitioners and Herbs Vendors to Contribute Financially to Conservation of Medicinal Plants in Ibadan, Nigeria

Wet season bird species richness and diversity along urban-rural gradient in Morogoro municipality and surrounding areas, Tanzania

The effect of training and job interruptions on logging crews’ safety in Tanzania’s plantation forests: the case of SUA training forest, Olmotonyi, Arusha

Natural resources utilization by the Aweer in Boni-lungi and Dodori national reserves, Kenya

Comparison of the subspecies of Sclerocarya birreaby sex and environment

Willingness to pay for ecosystem benefits of Agroforestry driven green growth in Ogun State, Nigeria

Evolution and Status of Paricipatory Forestry Management in Tanzania and future direction

Participatory forest management for more than a decade in Tanzania: does it live up to its Goals?

Communities’ perception on the impact of decentralised forest management on access to forest resources and occurrence of illegal tree harvesting in north eastern and central Tanzania

Tracking forest resource condition through Permanent sample plots established in Bukombe-Mbogwe forest reserve in Shinyanga Region, Tanzania

Strategic power and power struggles in the national REDD+ governance process in Tanzania: any effect on its legitimacy?

Simulation of Forest Environment as a Measure to sustain Protein and Vitamin Contents in Domesticated Species of Wild Vegetables

Matching Shades of Forest Environment to sustain Crude Fibre and Mineral Contents in Domesticated Species of Wild Vegetables

Decentralization and Diversification in Forest Management Regimes in Tanzania: Case Study of Uluguru Nature Reserve and Ihanga Forest in Morogoro

From Farming to Charcoal Production: Agricultural Decline, Food Security and Deforestation in Bagamoyo District, Tanzania

Removing other Tree Species does not benefit the Timber Species Cephalosphaera Usambarensis

Power Struggles in the Management and Utilization of Suledo Village Land Forest Reserve, Kiteto District, Tanzania

Conservation and Development Options existing on Uluguru Mountains, Tanzania

Productive Efficiency of Small Scale Sawmilling Industries in Mufindi District, Tanzania

Strength properties of chipboards available in Tanzania market

Effect of post-harvest Cupressus lusitanica slash management on early growth of Pinus patula at Shume, Lushoto, Tanzania

Role of communal and private forestland tenure regimes in regulating forest ecosystem goods and services in Rombo district, Tanzania

Incentive optimising model for communities living adjacent to catchment forest reserves in Tanzania

Impact of decentralised forest management on forest cover changes in the north eastern Tanzania

Are traditional institutions effective in regulating forest use and sustaining forest resources? experience from Nyumba-Nitu, Southern Highlands, Tanzania

Notes on birds of Seronera area, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Influence of forest land tenure regimes on forest condition in Uluguru mountains, Tanzania

Management effectiveness and conservation initiatives in the Kilombero Valley Flood Plains Ramsar Site, Tanzania

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