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Tanzania Veterinary Journal

Spatial distribution and risk factors for brucellosis in domestic and wild animals at livestock-wildlife interface in Mikumi-Selous ecosystem, Tanzania

Evidences of declining rabies: a retrospective study of cumulative clinical data at Sokoine University Animal Hospital, Tanzania

Pet ownership as a risk for human campylobacteriosis - a review

Antibiotic resistance of Salmonella isolated from commercial chicken feeds in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Sustainability of control of CBPP in Tanzania: a case study of Southern Highlands of Tanzania

Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) in western Tanzania

Case report: suspected piscine Chlamydia like infection in Tanzania

Radiographic anatomy of the thorax and abdomen in captive caracals ( Caracal caracal )

Local people knowledge of dogs and cats care and a report of community dog health project activities in underprivileged areas of Morogoro, Tanzania

Histomorphology of the stomach mucosa of Emin’s mole rat ( Heliophobius emini )

Maintenance of gonadal differentiation into testis in the absence of SRY expression in mammals- A review

Effects of epidural xylazine, lidocaine and their combination on body temperature in acepromazine-sedated dogs

Molecular detection of tilapia lake virus (TiLV) genome in Nile tilapia ( Oreochromis niloticus ) from Lake Victoria

Tilapia lake virus threatens tilapines farming and food security: socio-economic challenges and preventive measures in Sub-Saharan Africa

Molecular characterization of infectious bursal disease virus detected in Morogoro, Tanzania

Retrospective study on laboratory results of African Swine fever virus in Tanzania

Seroimmune responses to strategic vaccination in chickens against Newcastle disease using commercially available vaccines

Thermo stability study of Temevac® I-2 Newcastle vaccine

Trends in diagnosis of Marek´S disease (MD) in poultry at Central Veterinary Laboratory in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Current situation for antimicrobial use, antimicrobial resistance and antimicrobial residues in the food and agriculture sectors in Tanzania: A review

Prophylactic antibiotics in augmenting surgical wound healing

Effect of freezing on stability of oxytetracycline residues in beef from Dodoma region, Tanzania

Studies on seroprevalence and risk factors for occurrence of Bovine brucellosis in cattle in Lindi district, Tanzania

Studies of brucellosis in lactating cows in Babati district, Tanzania

Knowledge, perceptions and practices regarding brucellosis in pastoral communities of Kagera Region, Tanzania

Porcine Cysticercosis – An emerging neglected food-borne parasitic zoonosis in urban settings in Tanzania: Need for immediate control strategies

Relationship between faecal egg count and chronic status of liver fasciolosis of cattle in slaughtered in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Comparative effectiveness of Aloe vera aqueous crude extracts and ivermectin for treatment of gastrointestinal nematodes infection in goats

Prevalence of Leptospira interrogans in free range domestic duck ( Cairina moschata ) from selected areas of Morogoro Municipality, Tanzania

Citrobacter as a gastrointestinal pathogen, its prevalence and molecular characterization of antimicrobial resistant isolates in food-producing animals in Morogoro, Tanzania

Causes of organ condemnations and financial losses in cattle slaughtered at Mahenge slaughter facility in Ulanga District, Morogoro, Tanzania

Caudal mediastinal abscessation in an adult East African black headed ewe -A case report

Bacteriological assessment of chlorinated and non-chlorinated water in Morogoro Municipality, Tanzania

Assessment of anticholinesterase contaminants in selected sites of Ruvu river in Tanzania using cholinesterase biomarker in African Sharptooth Catfish ( Claria gariepinus )

Possible involvement of Dioscorea species in human poisoning at Bwakila Juu in Morogoro Rural District, Tanzania

Awareness on mycotoxins among commercial poultry feed handlers in Morogoro

Evaluation of stress hormone (cortisol) levels and some biochemical parameters of pigs kept under intensive management systems in Morogoro, Tanzania

Assessment of health status, handling and management of working animals in Tanzania: A case study of Donkeys in Kilosa district

Welfare and contribution of draft animals to the transformation of the agricultural sector

An Assessment of donkeys’ welfare using physical and emotional parameters: a Case of Mkwinda EPA, Bunda Area, Lilongwe, Malawi

Husbandry practices, disease management and production profiles among smallholder layer chicken farms in Morogoro Municipality, Tanzania

Prevalence of claw lesions in free range short horn cattle (zebu) in Kwimba district, Tanzania

Cryopreservation of dog semen as an alternative method to improved fertility in bitches: A review article

Magnitude of foetal wastage and the monetary losses in sheep and goats slaughtered in Morogoro selected slaughter facilities, Morogoro Tanzania

Microbiota prime leukocyte response for intestinal innate immunity

Microbiotal shaping of antigen presenting cell signaling during intestinal immune response

The use of fetal femur length for estimation of gestational age in cattle

Cross-sectional study of cattle Babesiosis and associated risk factors in Nyala, South Darfur, Sudan

Burden of human brucellosis and risk factors in animal-human interface: A case study in Mikumi-Selous ecosystem, Morogoro Tanzania

Co-colonization by antimicrobial resistant thermophilic Campylobacter and Escherichia coli in the intestines of local chicken presented for disposal at vending areas in Morogoro Municipality, Tanzania

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