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The Uganda Journal

The Uganda Journal

The Birds of Makerere Hill: A Loss of Biodiversity

The Ancient Earthworks of Western Uganda: Capital Sites or a Cwezi Empire

A Key to the Genera of Snakes in Uganda

The Resurrection of the Spirits: Archaeology, Oral History and the Bacwezi at Munsa

Genetic Relationships of the Nile Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus in Three East African Lakes

Recent Archaeological Research in Buganda and its Implication for Cultural Heritage Management

Ecotourism in Uganda

Notes: Observations of Butterfly Migrations in Uganda, 2002

Notes: Breeding Populations of Marabou Storks and Pink-Backed Pelicans in Uganda

Notes: Breeding of the Marabou Stork in Kampala

Retrospective: "Futki" and Some Other Elephants

Obituaries: Professor John Desmond Clark: 1917-2002

Professor Ian Livingstone: 1933-2001

Book Review: Field Guide to the Birds of East Africa, by Terry Stevenson and John Fanshawe

Book Review: The Snakes of Uganda, by C.R.S. Pitman


Uganda, Egypt, and the Owen Falls Dam

Changes in populations of Weaver Colonies in Kampala Over 20 Years

The Age and Function of Ancient Earthworks of Western Uganda

The politics of Liberation in the Southern Sudan 1967-1972: The role of Israel, African Heads of States and foreign mercenaries

Bride Wealth in Uganda: A reality of Contradictions

Vertebrate Prey of the Barn Owl (Tyto alba Scopoli) from Tororo, Eastern Uganda

Back to school

Economic Empowerment and Indigenous Crafts in Uganda

Rosemary Lowe-McConnell: A tribute

Snakes and poles

Uganda Diaspro

Professor Herbert Shem Kanabi Nsubuga: 1921 - 2001

Book Reviews

The fishes of Uganda (by P. H. Greenwood)

Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Uganda and Parc national des Virungas, Democratic Republic of Congo: Glaciers and Glaciations (by Henry Osmaston and Georg Kaser)

The Only Money a Woman Can Claim: A History of Distilling in Bunyoro

An Idiom of Blood: Pragmatic Interpretations of Terror and Violence in the Ugandan Novel

English for Uganda in the Next Millennium

Small Scale Fish Farming in Uganda

The Social and Political Thought of an African People: The Alur and Jonam of Northwestern Uganda

Uganda: A Safe Haven for Polish Refugees: 1942-1951

Kampala's Future as a Model City

Reflections: Wildlife, Genetics, and Biodiversity

The Rise and Rise of Marabou Storks

Growing Orchids in Uganda

The Legend of Kintu, Nambi, and Walumbe Still Lives West of Kampala

Some Reflections on Uganda by a Young Secondary School Teacher from the 1960's

A Surge of Interest in Uganda's Art Deco

The Changing Face of the Uganda Journal

The Uganda Society: Past, Present and Future

The Mountain People Revisited

Book Reviews

Forward, Alan. "You have been allocated Uganda": Letters from a District Officer

Ondaatje, Christopher. Journey to the Source of the Nile

"The Rwenzori National Parks Uganda" The Proceedings of the Rwenzori Scientific Conference

Susan Dicklitch. The Elusive Promise of NGO's

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