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Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Utilisation and conservation status of indigenous woody plant species in a sedentary pastoral production system in south-western Uganda

Household perception of climate change in wetland adjacent areas in Uganda

Antimicrobial resistance of Escherichia coli found in intestinal tract of Oreochromis niloticus

Effect of packaging methods on the storage stability of dried capelin under simulated temperature and humidity conditions

Effectiveness of African catfish pituitary extracts, dagin and water flow for optimising egg production, fertilisation and hatchability in artificial spawning of Barbus altianalis

Histo-morphological description of the digestive system of the Rippon Barbel Barbus altianals (Boulenger 1900): A potential species for culture

A bioeconomic analysis of the carbon sequestration potential of agroforestry systems: A case study of Grevillea robusta in South Western Uganda

Trends in variability and extremes of rainfall and temperature in the cattle corridor of Uganda

Nutritional and physicochemical properties of stored solar-dried cowpea leafy vegetables

Effect of plant spacing and variety on weed and performance of orange-fleshed sweet potato in humid agro-ecological zone of Nigeria

Morphological variation of Nile tilapia populations from major water bodies of Uganda

Implications of fuel wood scarcity on livelihoods of rural communities of Nyarubuye Sub-County in Kisoro District, south western Uganda

Effect of intercropping sunflower with soybean at different interrow and intra-row spacing on land use efficiency

Comparison and suitability of genotype by environment analysis methods for yield-related traits of pearl millet

Efficacy of bio and synthetic pesticides against the American bollworm and their natural enemies on cotton

Genotypic variation for maize weevil resistance in eastern and southern Africa maize inbred lines

Technical efficiency in rice ecologies of north central Nigeria: Implications for national self-sufficiency

Effectiveness and profitability of insecticide formulations used for managing snap bean pests

Challenges and opportunities for quality seed potato availability and production in Uganda

Variability and trait relationships among finger millet accessions in Uganda

Effectiveness of a biological control agent Palexorista gilvoides in controlling Gonometa podorcarpi in conifer plantations of Uganda

Inheritance of resistance to (NGR1) pathogen isolates of Pyricularia grisea in GULU-E finger millet last resistant variety of Uganda

Amelioration of sandy soils in drought stricken areas through use of Ca-bentonite

Farmer awareness, coping mechanisms and economic implications of coffee leaf rust disease in Uganda

Improved open-sun drying method for local swamp rice in Uganda

Germination of Afrocarpus usambarensis and Podocarpus milanjianus seeds in Sango Bay, Uganda

Uptake of resistant varieties and integrated management packages for bean root rot disease in western Uganda

Factors affecting conception rates in cattle following embryo transfer

Tephrosia vogelii for control of fleas in free-range poultry

Detection and identification of etiological agents (Liberibacter spp.) associated with citrus greening disease in Uganda

Responses of east African highland banana (EAHB-AAA) cultivars to drought stress

Effect of supplementing lactating goats fed on aflatoxin contaminated feed with calcium bentonite and activated charcoal on aflatoxin M1 concentration, excretion and carryover in milk

Comparison of in vitro digestibility using slaughtered and fistulated cattle as sources of inoculum

Prevalence of common gastro-intestinal nematode infections in commercial goat farms in Central Uganda

Smallholder local chicken production and available feed resources in central Uganda

Effect of pre-incubation and incubation conditions on hatchability and chick quality of Kuroiler chickens

Determination of hormonal combination for increased multiplication of tissue culture potato plantlets

Performance of elite grain sorghum varieties in the West Nile Agro-ecological Zones

Evaluation and delivery of disease-resistant and micronutrientdense sweetpotato varieties to farmers in Uganda

Common fish diseases and parasites affecting wild and farmed Tilapia and catfish in Central and Western Uganda

Growth performance of 5-year old Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis (Barr. and Golf.) in selected districts of Uganda

Culturing the African lungfish in Uganda: Effects of exogenous fish feed on growth performance in tanks

Relative abundance of sweetpotato whitefly in orange-fleshed sweetpotato cultivars at Umudike, south-east Nigeria

Assessment of farmers knowledge and preferences for planting materials to fill-gaps in banana plantations in southwestern Uganda

Implications of Black Coffee Twig Borer on cocoa in Uganda

Exploring cost-effective maize integrated weed management approaches under intensive farming systems

Fruit fly infestation in mango: A threat to the Horticultural sector in Uganda

Reaching out to farmers with plant health clinics in Uganda

Can protected areas work in artisanal fisheries of Uganda? The case of Lakes Edward-George and Kazinga Channel

Proximate composition and mineral contents of Pebbly fish, Alestes baremoze (Joannis, 1835) fillets in relation to fish size

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