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Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Germination of Afrocarpus usambarensis and Podocarpus milanjianus seeds in Sango Bay, Uganda

Authors: R Nabanyumya, J Obua, S.B. Tumwebaze

Journal: Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Sango Bay is a unique forest ecosystem, comprising swamp forests which are of great conservation value. It has been degraded for a long time by overharvesting of Afrocarpus usambarensis and  Podocarpus milanjianus . Although these species produce seeds, regeneration in the forests has been poor, thus causing concern about the sustainability of the species. The objective of this study was to evaluate germination of seeds of these two species in the nursery for on-farm planting. Seed germination of A. usambarensis and P. milanjianus was evaluated between March 1999 and December 2003. Fourty eight nursery beds were constructed and each sown with 100 seeds. Seeds were subjected to eight pre-treatments and six watering levels. Afrocarpus usambarensis seeds had a mean germination of 45% and P. milanjianus seeds had 23%, under the same conditions. Seeds of A. usambarensis took 35-55 days to germinate, compared to 30-48 days for P. milanjianus . A combination of watering with 10 litres twice a day and soaking in hot water for 24 hours resulted in the highest germination percentage for both species. Keywords: Afrocarpus usambarensis , Podocarpus milanjianus , seed germination