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Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Agroforestry potential of Acacia senegal in the rangelands of luwero and Nakasongola districts

Ecology and Conservation of Acacia senegal in the Rangelands ofLuwero and Nakasongola Districts

The cause, incidence and severity of a new gall damage on Eucalyptus species at Oruchinga refugee settlement in Mbarara district, Uganda

The effect of intercropping maize with lablab on grain and fodder production in small holder dairy farming systems in Masaka district, Uganda

Factors Promoting or inhibiting the integration of ecologically modern principles into the Ugandan agriculture industry

System approach problem diagnosis and development strategies for a competitive mandarin to industry in the Karo highlands, North Sumatra, Indonesia

Seed Security in Uganda: Current status, issues and challenges

Poverty analyses in integrated agricultural research for development.

The socio-economic dimensions of smallholder livestock management in Kenya and its effects on competitiveness of crop-livestock systems.

Factors affecting effective performance of rural producers’ organizations in the Teso farming system, Uganda

Experiences with micro finance in improving rural livelihoods: a case for the Farmesa project in East and Southern Africa with focus on Uganda

Rural transport and livelihoods in Uganda

Identifying market opportunities for Smallholder farmers in Uganda

Addressing food-for-work concerns in the West Nile region of Uganda.

Domestication of medicinal tree species in the Victoria lakeshore region

Comparing the processes used for assessing farmers’ demand for research and advisory services.

Enhancing innovation processes through local competitive agricultural technology funds in Uganda-experiences and lessons.

Experiences of packaging research outputs into extension materials

Mapping and understanding farmers indigenous Agricultural Knowledge and information systems and the implications for contracted research and extension systems

Integrated agricultural research for development: lessons learnt and best practices

Design and implementation of a communication strategy for agricultural research in Uganda-Experiences and Lessons Learnt

Piloting an adaptive research process to address farmer’s information gaps

Impact of externally funded projects on development of research capability of national agricultural research system

Encouragement of effective research and development partnerships through a process of competitive funding in Nepal

Research project prioritization through training in analytic hierarchy process: case study of a village in Semi-Arid region of Central India.

Concepts, Operationalization and impacts of the agricultural technology and information response initiative in Coastal Kenya: Lessons, based on realities, possibilities and potentials.

Integrating indigenous and scientific knowledge on soils: recent experiences in Uganda and Tanzania and their relevance to participatory land use planning

Participatory research approaches for enhancing innovations and partnerships in soil productivity improvement

Partnership Building and Stakeholder Participation in Soil erosion management: A case study of Kasitu sub-county in Bundibugyo district, Mt Rwenzori region

Building Linkages and bargaining power between smallholder farmers and service providers: learning from a case on soil fertility inputs in South Africa.

Soil resource information and linkages to agricultural production

Adoption of Fodder legumes technology through farmer-to-farmer extension approach

Harnessing microbial resources for increased agricultural productivity and improved livelihoods

Difficulties in assessing outcomes of soil and water conservation extension messages in banana based cropping systems: a case study of student projects at Makarere University, Uganda

Experiences with participatory action methods in southern Africa: Can farmers adopt more legumes for productive, sustainable systems?

Smallholder agricultural technology development in Soroti district: Synergy between NAADS and farmer field schools

Information sources and constraints under national agricultural advisory services programme, of service providers in Uganda

Assessing approaches for dissemination of research information to the farmers within their livelihood situations in Tororo district, Uganda

Developing a methodology for sustainable production of improved animal breeds

Selection of assessment methods for evaluating banana weevil damage on highland cooking banana

Evaluation of farmers’ best practices for on-farm conservation of rare banana cultivars in the semi-arid region of Lwengo sub-county, Uganda

Characteristics of rural goat production and marketing in Kumi and Lira districts, Uganda

An integrated approach to sustainable utilisation of land resources for a better environment

The socio-economic analysis of land use changes and soil conservation in central and western Uganda

Ecological models for rehabilitation of degraded hilly lands in Southern China

Hortipastoral based land use systems for enhancing productivity of degraded lands under rain fed and partially irrigated conditions

Sustainable management of tropical grassland in the rain-shadow area of South India

How can smallholder farmer-market linkages increase adoption of improved technology options and natural resource management strategies?

Water harvesting technologies in ensuring food security: Lessons from the pastoral areas of gashamo district, Ethiopia

Use of indigenous knowledge in predicting fruit production of shea butter tree in agroforestry parklands of north-eastern Uganda.

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